Improve your HME Medical Billing and Coding Efficiency with Sunknowledge


The HME medical billing witnesses an inadequate error rate that drains out more than USD 3.2 billion each year. In fact, according to a recent report by the CERT (Comprehensive Error Rate Testing) data the error rate is thrice higher than the overall National Medicare improper rate, which is currently clinched at 12.1 percent. The absence of strong grounding in both billing and coding systems in fact has a great extent been responsible for increasing the error rate. This is why Sunknowledge presents you with a complete RCM solution with experienced and trained billers and certified coders for your complete HME medical billing assistance.

Sunknowledge the powerhouse of HME medical billing:

Taking care of all your relevant information, rechecking of the payer reports, ensuring correct codes, checking of modifiers, timely claims submission and management etc; our experts further put special attention in maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate and ensuring a faster reimbursement rate for your practice. Streamlining your HME coding practice in ICD-10, our experts are regularly updated with new codes and its guideline and with new medical billing regulations as well; reducing the chances of errors rate in your HME medical billing process.

Resolving other challenges in claims management and accounts receivable like timely submission regular follow up etc, our experts are known for the highest productivity metrics in the market at a cost-effective rate and also for seamless transaction at only $7 per hour. Being the only RCM solution giving priority to front-end tasks to ease your back-end complication, we can meet or beat any price in the market. In fact, we offer no backlog guarantee as we work for 7 days a week.

Ensuring robust reporting according to the client’s protocol giving clients complete operational transparency, our excellent industry references from HME space further says it all.

So, if you are someone looking to improve your HME billing and enhance your reimbursement rate in no time, call our experts for more information.