How To Look After A Lace Hair System?

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Modern hair systems look similar to your natural hair, and they are capable of staying intact for around 13 weeks. You can easily carry out your usual daily chores such as running, swimming, etc., while wearing a hair wig. Here are some tips on how to look after lace hairpieces for better results.

Avoid Tangling Of Hair Systems

1. Try and use a wide-toothed hairbrush to rinse out your hair. It is mandatory always to get rid of tangles formed at the end first before brushing the higher portion of your head.

2. Use a satin pillow to sleep on. It reduced the friction in your lace systems which is one of the leading reasons for hair breakage.

3. Get rid of the tangles formed in your hair before washing them.

4. Ensure to rinse your entire head with the water running in a single direction while showering.

Use Proper Conditioners

1. Use products approved by the hair experts or stylists designed to take appropriate care of your hair system.

2. Keep your hair hydrated by using a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

3. Consult with your hairstylists about the different serums, sprays and conditioners that are best suited for your hair system.

Style Your Hair Wigs (Properly)

1. When drying your hair, use a hairdryer at warm air mode and avoid the hot hair mode. Consider the blow dryer as a hairbrush, and do not blow the hair wig extremely dry as it will give you a moulded look.

2. Choose the products which are free of alcohol to style your hair.

3. Use brushes that come with soft bristles that act like cushions on the ends. The cushions help prevent the holes in your lace systems which could eventually cause it to tear.

Shampoo Regularly

1. Shampooing your hair wigs two times a week gives you a shinier and healthier hair system with an expanded life span.

2. Shampoo readily removes the foul smell coming from your hair systems, resulting from moisture or dirt particles.

3. Using the correct shampoo and conditioner makes the human hair wig last long.

Block UV Rays From The Sun

1. The sun releases intense UV rays that readily damage your hair system by oxidising it and changing its colour to red/orange.

2. As your lace hair pieces are made from 100% natural human hair so it is obviously vulnerable to oxidation.

3. The quality of your hairpieces will deteriorate rapidly and thus reduce their longevity. It is strongly advised to wear a hat or any protective layer before going out in the sun.


Several hair laces care products are available on the internet and are designed to provide adequate maintenance to your hair systems. A hair wig is a significant investment as it shapes your personality to a large extent. It is again quite important to properly maintain the hair systems as our hair plays an essential part in our appearance and the way we feel as a whole. So it is pretty vital to treat your lace hairpieces with care and respect.