Life of Hair Transplantation: Everything You Need to Know

As years progress, it will be hard to find people with bald heads. People are not stopping to experience hair loss, But the best hair transplants are more available in a city near you. 

FUE hair transplants are more available today than a few years ago. The available surgeons are always busy with appointments. You can get a lot of information to debunk the myths around hair transplants. Here, we will tell you all you need to know about the best hair transplant.

What Is Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is the transfer of hair follicles from a healthy area to an area facing hair loss. Hair transplant is the standard hair transplant method; People prefer it since it involves transferring one strand at a time. Thus, you do not get a linear scar on the scalp. You also have options to harvest grades from various hairy parts of the body. 

The other type of hair transplant is strip surgery. Here, the doctor harvests a strip of scalp from the back of your head. Then the strip is subdivided into micro-grafts and transplanted to the recipient area. The method is safe since only experienced doctors will handle your case.

You can have strip surgery if your budget is not sufficient for FUE. There are other reasons that your doctor may prefer strip surgery over FUE. However, it has some limitations. You can only donate grafts from the back of your head. Then it leaves you with a linear scar on your head.

There are increased risks of infections with strip surgery. You’ll take extra care of the wound to heal faster. Also, do not have strip surgery if your skin is susceptible to keloids. 

Average Cost of Hair Transplant

The cost of a hair transplant varies due to many factors. First, the hospital with the newest technologies will charge higher than others. To transplant on hair graft, you will need $2-$10. However, you will pay $3 in most cases. 

The cost is not constant. A highly qualified doctor charges higher than amateur surgeons. They quote higher since they have a high demand. Also, every patient is confident the process will be a success. 

Each hair clinic falls under a social category- Low tier clinic caters to many people. Their charges are lower. Also, the quality of the service might be lower. If you choose a low-tier clinic, do a thorough background check on their doctors and reputation. You are likely to find the best surgeons in this class.

The middle and high-tier hospitals have advanced services and tools. Also, they hire reputable surgeons. Their charges are high depending on the class. You need a minimum background check for their services. They also have established websites where clients leave reviews. 

The Perfect Candidate

You need to have a hair loss problem to qualify for an FUE hair transplant. Ensure that the hair loss has subsided or stopped. If the hair loss is progressive, you can have the best hair transplant with a natural hair loss remedy. You can also incorporate PRP hair treatment to boost follicle growth. 

A hair transplant patient needs to be free from an autoimmune condition. It’d help if you also had enough blood levels. You can quit smoking and alcohol a few weeks before your treatment. Also, improve your diet to be in the best state of health.

There’s no age restriction on FUE hair transplants. All old and young patients can have the hair restoration process. All you need is to prepare psychologically. Your attitude towards the transplant process affects the recovery and success rates. 

Hair Transplant Results

FUE hair transplant offers a minimum of 80% success rate. With the right techniques and proper post-op care, you can have a 90% success rate. 

A patient will go through a process before they see the results. First, the scalp will heal, and the grafts shed off. The hair will regrow two months after the surgery. By the fourth month, you will notice an increase in hair volume. Many patients get hair regrowth between six and twelve months. 

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

  • The process is painless with minimal side effects.
  • The results of FUE hair transplants are natural.
  • The results are permanent.
  • The method is cost-effective.
  • You’ll spend a few hours at the doctor’s office.
  • There is little downtime- a maximum of one week before the grafts attached firmly to the scalp.
  • You can wear any haircut of your choice because an FUE hair transplant doesn’t leave a linear scar on the scalp.
  • You are your hair donor. Thus, you eliminate the chances of cross infections.

Risks and Side Effects

  • There are risks in infections from the incisions on the recipient site and donor sites.
  •  You may suffer from pain, swelling, and redness on the donor and recipient site.
  • Patients suffer from post-anesthesia effects.
  • Possibility of developing keloids.
  • Nerves and blood vessel damage.


The life of hair transplantation is interesting. It allows people to regain their self-esteem with the FUE hair transplant. You can see the best hair transplant services from a trichologist near you.