All About Seamless Long Term Care Facilities Billing Services

Long term care facility billing

When it comes to the long term care facilities billing, there are some basic rules and regulations related to claims submission and its billing process. This starts with in the long term care facilities billing:

  • Along with timely claims submission, the claims must be for a single month of service and have to be submitted in date sequence
  • the revenue codes on the claim that is reported are the Medicaid Room and the Board services provided by an LTC provider
  • The monthly patient credit amount is applied to the fee for service LTC or Hospice claims solely on the fact of first-come, first-serve basis
  • The patient credit amount is reported under a different value code etc

This is why it is very important to have an experienced person who is not only aware of the billing, coding and collection process of the LTC facility but is also aware of its present billing regulation and industry mandates.

Sunknowledge Services Inc the perfect fit for your long term care facilities billing: 

Catering to your pre and post billing services in the best possible manner, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers the best tailored support that ensures seamless long term care facilities billing and a better ROI.

Catering to all the claims requirement which is quite a complicated affair, our experts work on reaching out to the payers for the submitted claims update, denial follow ups while working on underpayments and appeals effortless to ensures a better and faster reimbursement rate for your practice.

In fact, with a complete understanding of the claims for ( UB – 04 ) which at times can be confusing, we ensure direct doctor office follow up, proper data entry, eligibility verification for the long term care billing. Taking care of cleaner submission of claims, our experts further reducing your rejection and denial rate also works on difficult to recover aging accounts receivable while maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate; which other revenue cycle management organization fails to offer.

Reducing the operational cost by 80%, we are in fact the leading RCM solution with excellent industry references who has not lost even a single client till date.

So what are you thinking, get in touch with our experts and transform your cash flow with our tailored support in long term care facilities billing in no time.