Today the constant prior authorization process inefficiencies and administrative issues have affected both the patients and physicians.

According to a recent report on the impact of the prior authorization process, about 30 percent of respondent reported the prior authorization process leading to a serious adverse event for a patient, more specifically:

  • Hospitalization is 21 percent
  • 18% reported of a life-threatening event or intervention to prevent permanent impairment or loss for the patient
  • 9 percentage reported of weakness or permanent bodily damage, congenital anomaly, birth deformity, or at times even death

Thus, demanding a need for a solution that not only brings efficiency to the hospital’s utilization management but further improving patient satisfaction and also aid in improving the cash flow as well.

Sunknowledge services The perfect DME prior authorization expert : 

Catering to all your authorization needs through the method that best fits your practice, Sunknowledge Services Inc helps in closing all the authorization quicker and efficiently than any other RCM organization.

Reducing your backlogged and taking care of all your lost revenue, our authorization experts maintain consistency in the documentation that is required in the DME prior authorization process through continuous checks, direct doctor office follow up etc. With 99% approval request and complete authorization submission on the same day, our expert helps you avoid delays in patient therapy by tracking if any information is lost or not received by payers or not and minimize time spent on the authorization. Reducing denials of claims and lost payments, Sunknowledge experts track every authorization request and follow up to prevent delays.

Keeping track of all the authorization recent rules and regulations, Sunknowledge for DME prior authorization, our experts further increase the current prior authorization rate by 1.5-2x. Maintaining a 100% compliance with a turnaround time which is less than 48 hour, we ensure:

  • Real-time audits
  • highest productivity metrics
  • custom reporting according to clients requirement
  • 80% operational cost reduction
  • no binding contracts

Catering to all your DME prior authorization needs, our team is here to bring a difference ensuring a better authorization process and continuous revenue generation.