Modern-Day Wonder Radiology And Its Usages


Today’s advanced technology has given a lot of advantages to modern-day doctors. One of the technology is radiology which has been used to benefit common patients. Some might ask how to become a radiologist in India. As there is a vast demand in the market for them. One part of this is diagnostic radiology which is not so interfering it helps to identify and monitor some of the diseases.

Diagnostic Radiology/Imaging

We would discuss diagnostic imaging in this article.  This technique can be used for scanning the patient’s body and also provide the necessary diagnostic, as well as on time.

Here less or the minimum dose of radiation is given to the patient to make an elaborate image of that particular area.

1 Radiography Commonly Know As X Rays

Whenever a person meets with an accident he or she fractures their bones first thing the doctor says that take an X-ray to check the damage done to the bones. The person enters a dark room where a big machine is kept where the patient needs to sleep. Before that they have to remove any metals they are wearing and their clothes are also changed. The person takes a photo of the injured area.

Then tell us to leave the room. He later on hands over a black film in which has a white area which our bones. On seeing that he tells if we have a hairline fracture, or dislocation has happened. There are some changes in which major damage can be done to the bone. Depending on that ortho doctor will give the diagnosis. In most cases, they tell to do plaster to the affected area. Till the time the joint or the damage done to the bones is repaired.

2 Computed Tomography(CT) Scans

In this method too the use of an X-ray machine is done to take an image of a body. When the doctor needs a very accurate and clear image in order to examine the origin of the problem usually on the soft tissue.

3.Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scans

In this technique instead of an X-ray, they use the magnetic field to take images of the body part. When CT scanner fails to give clear images commonly the bones. Then MRI comes into the picture. In this technique, large magnets and radio waves are being used to take an image of our internal body parts. In the case when the ligament is torn in an accident that cannot be seen in X-ray. No bones are broken still there is unbearable this is when MRI shows its credibility and usage. They can be used to inspect our brain and our spinal cord.

4. UltraSound

The most popular usage of this technology is done here. This method is usually preferred by doctors to check the status of the unborn baby growing in the female’s abdomen. In this method, the high-frequency sound is used which is not audible to the human ears so that is the reason we call it ultrasound. Usually, pregnant women are very hesitant while conducting this test when they are doing this test for the first time. They are first told to relax and drink plenty of water before the test at least two bottles of water will suffice in this condition. When the results come out and a copy of it is given to the so-called soon to become mon and dad. Their eyes are filled with tears and joy seeing the image of their little one. It is one of the best moments of their life which they cherish till to go on death bed.


In some cases, the radiologist might use or give an injection to the patient of some drug as directed or prescribed to given as per the demand of the situation. This is done so that we a better quality image. In some cases, it has been observed that they might give anesthesia too. This technique has vast usage can be used to treat kidney and liver problems, to some extent give relief of the back pain, blockages too can be treated which have grown in our veins and arteries. According to the stage, cancer can be treated using this technique.