Signs You Need To Visit Orthodontist in Nashville TN to Get Braces

Orthodontist in Nashville TN to Get Braces

Each year, people invest dollars in braces to align their teeth for a perfect smile. But, how do you know it’s time for you to visit an orthodontist in Nashville, TN? Look for the following signs in your oral health to determine whether you need to get braces or not:


It is the most common issue that requires you to get braces. Overcrowding teeth are not only a cosmetic problem but can cause several health issues as well.

This is because the food can easily get trapped in the crowded teeth and is harder to remove with a normal brushing technique. The trapped food can lead to tooth decay, periodontal diseases, or bad breath.

This treatment is usually seen in the younger crowd by Nashville’s orthodontist. But people who had braces when they were young can also get crowded teeth that get worse with time. Fortunately, you don’t need to stress over the crowding issue as you can overcome it with adult braces.

The dentist can easily repair the damage to avoid future problems.

Overbite & Under Bite

An overbite is a problem where your upper front teeth cover the lower teeth. Now, in addition to being a cosmetic problem, it also causes several oral health issues.

If there is any accident or trauma, the front teeth have an increased chance of fractures and other injuries. It also leads to severe gum recession or tooth wear. Whereas, an underbite is a situation where your lower teeth cover the upper ones.

Usually, this problem is a result of unproportioned jaw size. If you have this condition, you will feel difficulty in biting and chewing. Also, it accelerates facial aging and the unbalanced appearance of the face.

If you have either of these problems, you need to visit a dental clinic like Dillard Dental Services to get your braces for a better appearance and to prevent health problems.

Teeth Gaps

As highlighted by the best dentist in Nashville, if you have gaps in your teeth, it is most probably because of non-alignment of the upper and lower jaw which is commonly referred to as malocclusion.

Other than this, thumb-sucking, genetics, and formation of mouth tissue can also be the cause of teeth gaps. Closing these gaps is essential to improve the smile appearance as well as to provide protection against medical problems. You need to get braces right away for this problem as it makes you more prone to getting plaque and inflammation.

Jaw Pain

Constant jaw pain and headaches are often the results of a misaligned jaw, which can easily be displaced and create tension during your sleeping. It can also be caused by TMJ disorder in which the hinge mechanism between the upper and lower jaw isn’t working properly and causes pain.

If that is the problem you face, start searching for an orthodontist near me to get the braces.

Crooked or misaligned teeth not only cause appearance problems but also is the reason for several health issues. To prevent them, visit an orthodontist to get your braces on. It is the most effective solution to multiple dental problems.

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