Pathologist: Boon in During The Time of Covid-19


The Year 2020 will always be remembered for the corona fear and havoc it had created all over the world. Bring the whole world on its knees and giving a message do not mess with nature. Tally of covid 19 patients was ever-increasing day-by-day, a swab test was to be done to check or verify if the patient was suffering from Covid-19. Pathologists were in great demand at the time, how to become a pathologist in India was the most search sentence at that time. Here we will discuss which test they did and how their personal life got affected due to the work pressure. They were still wearing a smile across their faces hiding the pain and fatigue.

Pathologist: Nasal/Nose Swab Test

This test is not painful but very discomforting, a long stick with a soft cotton brush at its end, we can say very similar to but we use to clean our ears. It is moved inside our nose and material is collected for testing. Latter on similarly they use a long stick which is inserted in our throat and the collection of material is done. The time patient needs to avoid coughing.

Then the material is handed over to the pathologist where they grow it in a controlled environment. This would help them to see if their colony has grown or not and also which virus is present. They share the detailed analysis with the doctor who will do the diagnosis depending on the severity and also due to which bacteria or virus this has caused would be checked again. The test which has been conducted by using the throat specimen is less effective than the nasal one, especially for the Covid-19. Test which is done by using nasal specimen is more accurate. So what is the point is doing other tests when results are mediocre. 

Some people prefer to collect their own samples by doing the nasal method or throat method. Then they share the sample with the lab as they deliver it personally. There is a huge question mark on the quality of the sample collected which might affect the end result and might so incorrect results too. So it is highly recommended to let skilled people do their work for which they paid and have taken ample amount of training and education.

Stress Level Have Gone Up Due To Covid -19

Looking at the number of people falling ill due to corona every day was surprising. This resulted in huge demand to do swab tests for the patient who showed symptoms of the corona. So there was huge pressure on the people conducting tests in the labs. Numbers had skyrocketed manually intervention was required to conduct this test which made it much harder for them to maintain home and work-life balance.

We have seen worldwide medical practitioners literally sleeping on chairs, a prominent mark made by the mask they were wearing. This was a heart-melting scene, but humanity wanted them to work and deliver that also accurate result at it might affect someone’s life. Though their personal life was shattered, in their eyes the drop of tear was telling the story. The thing which kept them going was their love for their profession and passion to deliver the results. 


This is what they had dreamt from childhood. Playing doctor-doctor with their friend when they were kids, playing this game with parents and other siblings had made their desire very strong to sever the humanity. During playtime when they acted as a doctor and their parents thanked them for treating them. Their joy had no bounds seeing their loved one getting curred. This base had made them very strong to face such kind of situation as they were living their life of dreams. When the patient got cured at left the hospital showering their blessing and love for all the people who treated them.

All the fatigue and mental stress went away seeing happiness in eyes of the other patient who got cured of the corona. There are some videos on social media where medical practitioners have danced on foot-tapping numbers in the hospital itself to keep their spirits high during this time of emergency. No other can express our gratitude towards them for the work which they have done and still are continuing it with the same zeal and passion. Hats off to their dedication.