Reduce your Prosthetics Prior Authorization Burden and Care Delay with Sunknowledge

prosthetics prior authorization

The process of prior authorization has always been an area of struggle for many. In fact, last year itself due to the high burden that the process has, a broad coalition of healthcare industry groups (the American Medical Association (AMA), Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and many more) asked CMS to reconsider Medicare prior authorization growth among outpatient services to make the process a little simple.

As the authorization process is inevitable, unnecessarily delay access to care will be a constant pressure no matter what. In fact, adding to the administrative and cost burden for providers it will always be the area of concern. This is why an appropriate and transparent regulatory process or authorization expert is constantly needed.

Sunknowledge services all your prosthetics prior authorization complication: 

Designed to take care of all your DME, HME infusion, urgent care prosthetics prior authorization and other specialties burden, our prior authorization experts with years of experience work on authorization tasks seamlessly.

Understanding the changing authorization regulation as well as immediate claims adjudication requirements and which at times can be indispensable, we eliminate all the challenging areas in verification and authorization keeping it effortless for your practice.

With the best action plan in prior authorization services, we further save you from wasting your resources and time worth 20 hours a week so that you can focus more on patient care management and not on the authorization complication. In fact, our experts further taking care of all authorization activities of initiation, approval and follow-up; reduces your time in first-time PA requests which is a constant pain area. Delivering you proactive practice management support like none by ensuring:

  • 100% prosthetics prior authorization submission on the same day
  • 99% approval rate

Our experts further lessen prior authorization expenditure for you.

So, if you are someone looking to demystify the pain points in your complex prosthetics prior authorization we are the one. With proven technology, excellent industry references across the industry and the highest productivity metrics in the market resolving all authorization complications in no time.