Should You Take Protein Supplements?

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Do you feel that your body needs that extra boost of energy after regular exercising? Is that belly flap disturbing you, and you want to lose weight? The simple way to boost energy or lose weight is to add a protein powder into your diet. You can also make protein supplements a part of your diet simply to improve overall health and wellness.

Are Protein Supplements Good For Us?

Athletes, bodybuilders, and gym enthusiasts take a lot of protein supplements. The best protein powder in India is believed to be advantageous in strengthening muscles. They also help the body recover quickly from muscle soreness after exercise.

A report in 2017 said that protein supplements in the diet could help lose weight. Since then, it is often recommend by doctors to those who inten to lose weight.

It must not be assume that protein powders must only be take when you try to lose weight. Dietitians often recommend to people on a low protein diet to consume protein supplements to meet the body’s protein needs.

They are also particularly useful for young adults or teenagers during the growing ages. Most doctors also recommend older people to consume protein powders as they boost energy and give strength.

So we can safely conclude that protein supplements taken in measured quantities and carbs are beneficial for the body.

Types Of Protein Powders

There are dairy-based and plant-based protein powders available in the market. All these have their nutritional benefits, and you can pick them according to your needs.

  • Whey Protein

This is the most popular protein powder, and it is dairy-based. It is considered to be a complete protein as it contains all amino acids. It is prevalent among athletes. Whey protein gets absorbed in the body quickly.

  • Casein Protein

This is also a dairy-based protein. It gets absorbed in the body slowly. It is believed that this speeds up the muscle recovery process.

  • Soy Protein

Soy is a plant-based protein and can be consume by vegans. It is rich in amino acids and has some great health benefits.

  • Pea Protein

It is another plant-based protein that also has the essential amino acid.

  • Hemp Protein

Hemp seeds have high levels of fiber and are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They are a great alternative to dairy-based protein powders.

Protein powders are available in a variety of delicious flavors. They are particularly convenient for people who skip meals and do not eat enough protein.

  • Usefulness Of Protein Powders

One of the most frequently asked questions is when should you take it. Protein supplements must be take according to your health and fitness goals. So it entirely depends on your fitness goals. But it must not be assume that it is only for fitness enthusiasts as they are often recommend to people with a low protein diet.

  • Lose Weight

Eating high protein improves metabolism in the body and reduces appetite, making protein a key nutrient for fat loss. Protein helps in curbing the appetite by reducing the secretion of the hunger hormone ghrelin. 

This means that when you eat protein-rich healthy snacks between meals help you consume fewer calories per day.

  • Muscle Building 

A protein-rich diet helps in building muscles. A study conducted in 2018 49 studies proved that taking protein supplements significantly improved muscle strength and growth. 

According to the International Society Of Sports Nutrition, consuming protein powders after 1 to 2 hours of workout is ideal for muscle growth. It also helps the body recover from the soreness quickly.

An average person taking sufficient protein supplements after exercise is necessary, especially if you are doing that on an empty stomach. 

  • Exercise and Recovery 

Athletes are often recommend to take protein not only during training but also after it. Ever wondered why? It’s because it helps the body recover from the soreness quickly and also improves performance. 

Athletes and resistance exercise enthusiasts need to combine protein and carb in their diet to get the maximum benefit. 

It was seen in 2014 that 11 cyclists out of 30 who were taking protein supplements recovered quickly from muscle soreness and could train for long hours.


Protein is a necessary micronutrient that helps in muscle building. Athletes or not, everybody is encouraged to add a sufficient amount of the best protein powder in India to their diet. Protein powders help the body to recover and heal quickly from post-exercise soreness. A sufficient amount of protein also helps lose fat and maintain body weight.