Significance of Screening and Diagnostic Tests

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It is better to diagnose any disease or symptom at an earlier stage because diagnosis is better than illness. Most of the people still have not recognized the importance of diagnostic tests, even in this viral pandemic when early detection and treatment have appeared as the fundamental need of the hour. With the help of various medical tests like screening and diagnostics, it has become easier to identify those microorganisms that can cause chronic and infectious diseases.

After diagnosing a disease or symptom, it is possible to perform susceptibility testing in order to recommend the most appropriate medical treatment to the patient. Diagnostics tests are also able to detect non-infectious diseases, and this testing always comes with numerous social, medical and economic benefits listed below.

  • Improves Patient Health and Care
  • Reduces Healthcare Spending
  • Protects Consumer Safety

There are various kinds of medical tests which are usually done to diagnose any symptoms or diseases in a human body and obtain health-related information. Different medical laboratories and hospitals are offering a large number of medical tests, and most of the tests are specialized for a specific disease or a group of diseases. Following is a list of major tests that are often done to determine an individual’s health condition.

  • Screening Test
  • Evaluating the level of a disorder to plan the treatment
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Monitor the response to any health treatment

Screening Test

Screening tests are often performed to detect potential health problems or diseases in people who do not show any particular disease symptoms. 4 Armed Health is a top-notch healthcare facility providing various medical tests that are essential to diagnose health issues at an earlier stage. The sole purpose of health screening is early detection of diseases followed by a complete lifestyle change in order to reduce the risk of potential diseases.

When a disease is diagnosed at its initial stage, it becomes easier to treat it most effectively with the right medication at the right time. Screening tests are considered more valuable because of their ability to detect potential health issues while reducing the chances of unclear and ambiguous results.

Screening tests should be performed at appropriate times as prescribed by professional healthcare providers. The most common health screening tests are mentioned below.

  • Cholesterol Measurements
  • Pap Test (Pap Smears)
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen
  • Fecal Occult Blood Testing
  • Mammography
  • Colonoscopy
  • Diabetes or Pre-diabetes

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests are more useful in the early detection of infectious diseases which are caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as parasites, viruses, fungi, or bacteria. According to a survey report, millions of people get affected by these microbial diseases every year in America. If these infectious diseases are diagnosed and treated properly in time, then major complications can be avoided.

4 Armed Health offers various diagnostic tests that can help doctors decide the most appropriate treatments to cure any disease or ailment. Early detection of infectious diseases is highly essential because of certain reasons, which are listed below.

  • If an infectious disease remains undiagnosed for a longer time, it can be easily transmitted to many people. Early detection can help in preventing a further outbreak.
  • Diagnostic tests can help improve the effectiveness of medical treatments and prevent long-term complications for the infected patient.
  • The widespread misuse and overuse of antibiotics can significantly contribute to antibiotic resistance. Diagnostic tests can suggest when it is appropriate to take antibiotics.

Early identification of any health issue or disease always results in better medical treatment and ultimately reduces major complications. That is how you can increase the chances of better health outcomes.