Simple Ways To Lose Weight And Transform Your Body

Transform Your Body

While I was doing brisk walking on our terrace after a hectic day in the office to keep myself in control from overgrowing or gaining weight. My niece came and asked me what is mewing, I immediately responded the sound made by the cat is meow, meow may a cat continuously making that sound is called mewing and best Transform Your Body exercise.

I was in a state of shock when she came back in some time and told me that mewing is a method in which we hold our tongue. Touch our upper palate which helps to remodel our face and our jawline. My wife and my niece are not only doing workouts on regular basis but put efforts into finding simple and effective methods of transforming the body.  

Transform Your Body: Five simple exercises to reduce body weight

We will discuss some simple exercise or postures which will help in reducing body weight.

  1. Crunches

This exercise is one of the authentic and best ways to reduce somebody’s fat on the lower abdominal part of the body. We need to take an exercise mat or a yoga mat to sleep over it keep our face upwards and our body should the ground only till the hip area. We need to fold our legs and keep our hands behind our skull.

Then slowly try to getup try this will put pressure on your belly then slowly move back and continue doing this 15 times. Do this in 3 sets. This will have a profound effect on your body in a longer duration.

  1. Lunges

This is another form of exercise that shows a good impact on our body, this exercise affects our hips, hamstrings, our inner muscles of legs also get stronger. We need to stand still and need to place our hands on our hips. Keep the distance between our legs that is manageable.

Then we need to a long step stride forward with right leg, we need to move down towards the floor along with that, till the time our right leg is making a 90-degree angle with the floor. The same has to be repeated with the left leg, we need to take a long stride with the left leg then move our body towards the ground till that time our leg makes a 90-degree angle with the floor. Repeat this 30 times and do 3 sets of it.

To build a body or to transform a body our legs should be very strong this exercise gives us that platform and transforms the body’s lower into strong pillars which can hold the muscular upper body.

  1. Brisk Walking

A simple but effective way to transform your body. Usually, we can try after office hours as we tried to do some rigorous work out this simple exercise can transform our mood and strengthen our inner muscles and increase the toughness of our bones. This might also help

In controlling our weight and keeping a tab on it. This exercise can be done anywhere in the house, on the rooftop, in the garden, or simply walk along the roadside. 

  1. Cycling

If you are a lazy bump like me, who does want to get out of the warmth of the bed and go to the gym and also wants to save the humongous amount which the gym is charging nowadays. Instead of using a car or a  moped use more of the cycle that is lying in the garage for ages. This would not only help us in shedding our laziness but would be equally beneficial for health. So who is stopping you now get up and ride?

  1. Dance

Doing something which you like and return which would help you to maintain your body and peace of mind is a boon in itself. Dancing is something like that. Be it a child or adult or of any age group play some foot-tapping numbers they will grove over it. Some say no pain no gain, but in dance, we can say only gain but no pain. Enjoy every moment of it.


The above-mentioned view is based on my personal experience as there many other things which might help us. But it is all about what you have experienced and being true to the reader is something which I feel every touch.