Some best thing about Magic Mushrooms


Psilocybin mushrooms, popularly known as “magic mushrooms”, are mushrooms that contain psychoactive and hallucinogenic compounds. Often depicted as an escaped drug, it has many overlooked health benefits that are drawing the attention of researchers. Let’s look at the health benefits of magic mushrooms. Studies on magic mushrooms are getting greater, not unusual places within side the area of cutting-edge medicine. The results are fascinating and exciting: it shows that there is more to the magic mushroom than a simple psychedelic roller coaster.

Health blessings of magic mushrooms


Bits of help treat mental health disorders. Research suggests that magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms have high-quality consequences in treating intellectual fitness problems. This is a chemical in our brain that is responsible for making us feel happy. 

Researchers at the London Center for Psychedelic Research saw calmer subjects after a dose of psychedelic. The reestablishment of brain networks plays an important role in the effect of the drug on mental health disorders. This leaves the person in a relaxed but euphoric state. The feeling that the mushroom evokes often described as a “spiritual experience.”

A study by the New York University Department of Psychiatry reached a similar conclusion. The examination targeted its impact on most cancer patients. The results show that the subjects who received psilocybin showed better mood. The participants also experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and emotional distress. The resulting lower levels of anxiety led to a more positive outlook on life. This considered a breakthrough in raising the morale of patients despite their condition.

Magic mushrooms reality

Magic mushrooms include compounds referred to as psilocybin. When digested and metabolized, it will become psilocin. These give it the psychedelic effect that makes it popular. People who ingest psilocybin experience hallucinations that can leave a feeling of euphoria. Its clinical name, Psilocybe cubensis or P. cubensis, means “bald head”. This is an appropriate name due to its circular head that resembles an umbrella.

Historically, the indigenous peoples of Europe and America use it in religious rituals. Therefore, various relics and statues represent mushroom-shaped figures. These works highlight their significant influence on the cultures of these people. Magic mushrooms can be consumed in many ways. Boiling it can produce tea. It can dried and sprayed for capsules and tablets. Unconventional consumption methods include pickling and smoking it.

Helps control addiction

Other research looked at magic mushrooms to treat addiction to alcohol or nicotine. Small doses of magic mushrooms can significantly aid the withdrawal process. Even after the study, the subjects showed a lower tendency to revert to their addictions. Also, mushrooms themselves considered non-addictive compared to other substances. Therefore, treating addiction with magic mushrooms does not mean replacing it with another.

Improve creativity

Magic mushrooms also can cause improved creativity. Small doses of psilocybin can stimulate a continuous thought process. People under its influence often see the accumulated ideas. Also, evidence shows that penis envy mushrooms help people to be more open and expressive. This results in a greater appreciation for art and aesthetics.

With those consequences in mind, it has grown to be a staple for a few artists of their innovative process.  An immersion in the field of art and literature shows that works made during psychedelic trips are common.

Improve problem-solving

The psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms also increase problem-solving abilities. As published by the European Behavioral Pharmacology Society, people who took a small dose of magic mushrooms became more adaptable in problem-solving exercises. In addition, they showed more confidence in their solutions. 

Everything in moderation

Unfortunately, its strange psychedelic effect is a red flag for some countries. Despite their low toxicity, magic mushrooms are considered substances with a high potential for abuse. People can get too caught up in infrequent trips. Therefore, it is heavily regulated by most countries. Many countries classify it as unsuitable for medical and recreational use. On the one hand, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency classified it as a Schedule I substance. It ranks along different unlawful tablets consisting of heroin and cocaine.

This makes it unlawful for leisure use, sale, and consumption. The same is true of some European countries The reason for the ban is mainly attributed to its long-term psychological effect. Unsupervised doses of magic mushrooms can cause intense travel. This, in turn, can lead to permanent psychological damage, such as psychosis. The lack of comprehensive research on psilocybin results in less understanding of its reactions to other drugs.