The Relationship Between ED and Diabetes

Erectile Dysfunction, Diabetes

Diabetes is on the increase around the world, like most of the most common chronic diseases. Although patients with diabetes should monitor and control their blood glucose levels to prevent long-term health problems (such as kidney damage, eye damage, nerve pain, and heart issues). They also suffer from issues that touch their lives, such as erection problems affecting their love life.

ED Information:

The major symptom of ED is the inability to get and maintain a firm erection, preventing a man from accomplishing successful sensual intercourse. Having erection issues occasionally is not necessarily a reason to be concerned. However, when ED becomes a persistent problem, most specialists recommend erectile dysfunction treatment. Besides affecting a man’s intimacy life, ED often causes secondary issues, which include:

  • Reduced self-esteem
  • Decreased interest in intimacy
  • Depression and anxiety

How are Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Related?

Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes can lead to an increased risk of erectile dysfunction or, for short, of ED. Study shows that the risk is 50% higher for men with diabetes than for men without diabetes, regardless of the type of diabetes. While many men can develop ED with age, those with diabetes may develop ED 5 to 10 years earlier than others. We should note that ED can link to insufficient blood supply to the male reproductive organs, emotional problems such as stress, or problems with the neural system in the male reproductive organs. Diabetes has the risk of making the issues worse.

Causes in patients with Diabetes:    

Damage to Blood vessels:

Diabetes means that the bloodstream is rich in glucose, resulting in damage to the small blood vessels. It can lead to kidney damage, vision loss, pain, etc. Similarly, damage to small blood vessels in and around the male reproductive organs makes it difficult to get and maintain an erection. It is the main reason ED is worse in men with longstanding, uncontrolled diabetes. Men with diabetes and high blood pressure also see an increased risk of ED because of further damage to the blood vessels in the male reproductive organs. Treat your ED issues by using Vidalista 60 and Fildena.

Low Testosterone Level 

25% of men with diabetes have been found to have low testosterone levels. Since testosterone is the major player in intimate function, a low testosterone level can lead to ED.


Many men with diabetes can become depressed or have anxiety because of the challenges of the disease. Various problems related to erection ensue. For example, lack of sleep can cause the loss of the “morning hard” expected in healthy men. Anxiety can cause the sudden loss of an erection during intercourse or have difficulty getting an erection.

Medication Side Effects: 

Some medications to reduce the risk of heart problems or complications from diabetes can lead to ED by lowering blood pressure or cause other side effects in an erection.

How Do I control ED if I have diabetes?

Since diabetic patients may have other health problems, we cannot suggest a ‘one size fits all approach. Instead, we can try to manage many things like it.

Lifestyle Changes: Treatment of diabetes depends on lifestyle changes, many of which lower blood glucose and strengthen the body and reduce the risk of ED. It is observed that improved glucose control has been shown to improve erections and reduce ED risk.

Quitting Smoking: Smoking increases the risk of ED by raising blood pressure. In addition, over time, it can damage the small blood vessels in the male reproductive organs. It is even worse if you have diabetes, as it can cause damage to your blood vessels.

Diet Reduction of Fat and Cholesterol: Studies have shown that high cholesterol leads to an increased risk of ED and that dietary changes to lower fat and cholesterol levels can help reduce this risk.

Exercise and Weight Control: Weight control is essential for obese men with diabetes as it can help lower blood glucose levels and improve blood circulation. In research, weight control has been an excellent means of achieving adequate sensual function for many men.

Stress Control: Diabetes can lead to psychological challenges, such as depression or anxiety, making ED worse. They can practice overcoming stress, including meditation or counseling. Reduce your stress level and other men’s health problems by using Vidalista 40 or Tadalista medicine.

Mechanical Devices and Benefits

Because diabetes causes blood flow difficulties in the male reproductive organs, some mechanical devices can help improve blood flow, mainly because of the resulting challenges caused by medications. These include assisted erection devices (so-called Vacuum Devices) that allow blood flow into the male reproductive organs to improve erection, which is efficient for 2 out of 3 men.

Another invasive method is prosthetic surgery: it inserted implants in the male reproductive organs and swells every time you want to have intimacy. These devices are a one-time expense compared to medications. Hence, we always recommend that you prefer mechanical devices by examining your medical condition.

A balanced and planned diet, adequate exercise, and well-managed stress control practice have proven effective in treating diabetes.