Ultimate Protection with These Top 5 Smart Face Masks from All Kinds of Virus

smart face mask

What we thoroughly learned in the last year to which we just bid an adieu? To protect ourselves as much as we can wearing face masks. This face mask has now become an official uniform, as well as the extended part of every single individual living in this planet.

Since the traditional masks are boring and not fashionable, now many fashion designers and outlet brands started making fashion masks matching with the dress. In contrast, some other niche face masks makers have started working hard to create innovative masks – the smart face masks.

These face masks are equally comfortable and provide excellent protection from all kinds of germs. Here, I will share some top innovatively made, popular smart face masks that are made to keep you safe and provide a unique look at all times.

The list of smart face masks I am going to share below is made based on price, features, and usefulness. So let’s get started;

 Top 10 Smart Face Masks You Must Consider!

  1. Jabber Mask

Wear the stylish looking jabber face mask that will provide you with cool and unique customizable Led features so that your every smile will represent uniquely. This smart face mask is made of washable cotton fabric, which is exceptionally comfortable to wear for a long time.

This face mask is extremely customizable. It features 6 x 6 RGB Led lights, so you can change the morning and emoji from your smartphone or remote to reveal your genuine expressions. Besides, it has an On / Off switch so that you can control your mask easily. It also features a sleep mode, which can improve the battery life

  1. Blanc

Secure your identity while highlighting your style with Blanc / Blank smart face mask. It’s a full face mask that provides a unique filtration process so that you can breathe fresh air. The credit goes to its comfortable, airtight fit disc mass, which uses two SGS tested replaceable HEPA filters so that the user can breathe fresh air comfortably.

Moreover, this face mask ensures your privacy as well. This means it lets you regain control of your visual identity, emotions, and expressions. Hence, to describe in one word, this face mask protects your eyes, nose, and mouth from the outside world, in the meantime allowing you to flaunt your style wherever you go.

  1. Maker Mask

Are you looking for such a mask that is both comfortable yet provides full-time protection? This can only be possible with a smart maker mask! It combines comfortability, breathability, and durability to ensure the highest safety for an extended period.

It offers valve-less two-way N95 filter protection, which will refine both inhalation and exhalation to keep you and your surrounding people safe. The cover tray and replaceable filters of this mask allow you clean and refuse to minimize environmental impact and extend the mask lifespan.

With the innovative design and reusable materials, this mask is going to be the perfect choice for those who need comfortability and safety at the same time

  1. Breeze Mask

Introducing fashionable and something out of the box in a collection of smart face masks, the Breeze mask. It comes with face cooling technology and optional magnetic eye shields so that you can stay sweat-free and fresh. The outer shell of a mask is made from durable polyester and polyamide blend that is washable.

Also, it offers silver, and gold filters, which are washable as well. This is a comfortable breathing anti-pollution mask that filters out over 99.8% of particles from the air; therefore, you can breed the garden-fresh air like never before.

This smart face mask also provides face cooling technology that will help you inhale and keep your face area cool and dry. Inside the mask, it has a unique color sound exhaling valve that will direct the sound of your voice clearly to your phone while wearing your mask. Since it made with human engineering in mind, thus it is designed to filter airborne effectively than most existing masks used in daily life

  1. WizardM

Made with a professional, reusable medical wizard M smart facial mask built with multiple materials. It gives you plenty of innovative features so that users can stay protected from harmful pathogens, particles, and allergens.

This face mask is made of medical-grade polypropylene and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. This is a washable face mask, so you can throw it into your washing machine without any fear of losing its durability. It offers four-ply materials filtration system to block dust, allergens, and other particles effectively. Besides, you can use this filter for up to 40 hours straight before replacing it.

With a variety of colors and ergonomic design, it is very fashionable and comfortable, which makes it a perfect choice for any stylish and health-conscious individual

I hope you find the above shared smart face mask useful and protective!