Sunknowledge a Solution in Today’s Struggling Economy for your Urgent Care Billing Services

Urgent Care Billing

Today in this struggling economy sustainability of medical practices is a matter of concern for many health care practices. furthermore, with complex billing regulation, one of the biggest challenges of health care practice is not about patient care management but instead the other side related to medical billing and coding problem.

Being one of the most intricate and complex area, the urgent care procedure is often seen struggling with high deductible health plans. In fact, coding changes, payer reimbursement policy have further made the urgent care process more complex and difficult to attend revenue generation as well.

The issues in urgent care billing services:

  • Billing errors
  • Improper coding
  • Eligibility issues
  • Improper Denial and claim management.

The Sunknowledge benefit:

Identifying denial claims that needed to be flagged and dealt immediately, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a complete RCM billing management that ensures revenue generation and the highest productivity metrics in the market.

Being in the healthcare industry and working with both payers and providers for more than 10 years our expert ensures regularly been updated with changing industry mandate, the latest changes in urgent care codes, payer requirements and billing regulation.

Improving the coding efficiency and reducing coding errors related to undercoding, ensuring wrong modifiers etc; our experts resolve all old AR and backlog with regular follow up and seamless communication standards.

Eliminating additional and all your extra cost like billers and coders training fee, software instalation fee etc, we also work on reducing 80% of your operational cost maintaining an accuracy rate of 99.9% of which is the highest level.

Minimizing errors and enhancing upfront collections, we are the only RCM that ensures direct doctor’s office follow up. With the correct documentation and maximize on time reimbursements for your practice, we follow a complete operational transparency throughout the revenue cycle along with customized robust reporting which is done according to our clients’ protocol.

In fact today identifying the billing complexities to optimize your workflows for maximum returns, we are one of the cost effective billing solution offering complete urgent care pre and post billing services only at $7 per hour.

so what are you waiting for? Our Sunknowledge experts are here to make your urgent care billing more efficient and accurate. For more information, get in touch with our experts now.