Watermelon Diet: How To Lose Weight And Not Starve Your Body

Watermelon diet

There are various ways in which we can lose weight, but many methods involve grueling workout followed by a diet which cannot be relished by many of them. Eat green veggies which we need to consume raw, boil them or follow something like a watermelon diet or liquid diet. Here we will discuss some foods or ways in which they can be consumed which will help us to lose weight of our body.

Watermelon Diet: Fruits all the way to keep us fit and healthy

Generally, if someone needs to lose weight first advice given to them is to start dieting or fasting most people feel disheartened on listening to that only. If we starve ourselves to lose weight there are high chances that we might feel weak and low in energy. Another option that has become popular is the “watermelon diet”. In this method, we need to eat only watermelon only for three days.

Other than that we should not eat anything other food should be strictly avoided.  Watermelon is 90% water only so when we consume it our calorie intake is very minimum along with that we get minerals and vitamins which are good nourishment for our body. We might feel hydrate when we consume it. If we increase the intake of fruits in our diet it would do wonders for our body.

Fruits are a good resource of vitamins and minerals, vitamin C, potassium there is a large deficiency in many people especially living in urban areas. Fruits are high in fiber which helps us to reduce cholesterol content in our body and help in reducing the weight of our body. Eating plenty of fruits increases our calorie intake which can be helpful in reducing our obesity and some major diseases too

Liquid Diet The Ultimate Magical Potion To Reduce Weight

Move on over the fruit diet, some suggest the liquid diet is good for health can be equally beneficial to our health. Here we need to replace our meals with vegetable juice, shakes, fruit juice, some of them prefer milk and milk products like buttermilk too. If we do regular consumption of them it reduces our intake of calories and helps in bringing down our weight.

Also, it is not advisable to follow this diet for a longer duration. We need to balance our protein and fiber intake too. Our metabolism slows down during this period to retain the energy we need to follow a balanced diet when stopping the liquid diet or else there are high chances we might again gain weight.

Keto Diet Is Blessing For Non-Vegetarian

Something is finally available for non-veg lovers where they can transform their bodies and enjoy eating non-veg food too. Here the content of carbohydrates would be very less but the quantity of protein would be towering. Bakery items are a big no-no here.

When we consume a limited number of carbohydrates in a day our body is starving for more blood sugar which it fastly consumes. Then our body starts getting its source of energy from fats and proteins present in our body. Which results in bringing down the body weight. Here it is recommended that you consult your doctor before starting this diet chart.

As some medical conditions do not permit them to follow such kind of strict diet chart which might have an adverse effect on the body. Following this diet might be helpful for the patient who suffers from heart-related disease, and diabetes.


We should avoid consuming alcohol and stop smoking while we are planning to reduce our weight. Doing moderate kind of physical activity will always be beneficial to our body. We need to stay away from frozen food. Also, any food which contains trans fats should be avoided. When we eat eggs we should avoid eating the yellow yolk only eat the white part, eat only boiled eggs. 

Increase the intake of fish in your diet eat what is available locally. Stay away from bottled drinks as they have a high content of sugar level which is very harmful to our body. Instead of that replace it with honey which might be helpful for a long time. Also, we need to bring down our stress levels. Stay healthy, eat healthily, and keep smiling.