What Can We Expect From a Covid-19 Vaccine

With a large part of the world either in lockdown or contemplating an imminent return to it, it can be forgiven its bated breath as it awaits news updates on any little progress that may have been made towards developing a vaccine for Covid-19. A process which typically takes many years would appear to have been pared down to a scramble over a matter of months, and some 240 potential vaccines are presently under development in various across the globe, remembering forty for clinical trials and nine in the final stages of testing.

For governments and their scientific advisors all bearing a tired aura of folks who have run out of ideas, a vaccine is undoubtedly the sacred goal in the battle against Covid. New restrictions imposed are perpetually introduced with the words “until we have a vaccine”. Obviously new vaccines do not always work, and so it is necessary to sound the obligatory note of caution. Be that as it may, accepting at any rate one does, what, everything being equal, is all that we can expect from it?

Are we expecting too much of a vaccine?

Assumptions are regularly made that a vaccine is the panacea which will at last commit the ubiquitous SARS-CoV-2 to history. But are we possibly expecting too much of it, at least in the early stages?

In the field of medication there is an idea called “sterilising immunity”, wherein a vaccinated individual can expect total protection from a virus. However, Covids are once in a while that co-operative. Instead it is much more likely that inoculation will provide efficacy at, say, 50%, meaning the vaccine will be an enormous advance forward but it won’t make the virus disappear, at any rate not short-term.

Candidate vaccines a potential game-changer

In spite of their likely imperfect performance the candidate vaccines, on the off chance that they are successful even up to a point, promise to be a game-changer. This is on the grounds that the two of them limit the chances of the recipient becoming infected and also, if disease happens, they enormously decrease the reality of the condition that will create. In this way it welcomes benefits on two fronts.

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