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yoga vacation in India

India is the birthplace of yoga and a lot of people want to go for a yoga vacation to India. But most of those people do not know one thing about India. Due to the higher traffic of tourism for yoga, a lot of bad schools of yoga have emerged. That is tainting the reputation of many good yoga schools in India. So, if you are going to India for a yoga vacation.

You should consider multiple factors. For example, you should do complete research about your yoga school to know if it is a legit school. After that, you should research the people who have been at this school and learn about their experience. This will help you get an idea about what type of services this school offers. This knowledge will help you make better decisions about the selection of schools.  

Best Places To Go For Yoga Vacation in India: 

Below is a list of the best places that you should go for a yoga vacation in India. It is a list of the best yoga ashrams and schools that provide the best yoga retreats. You can join their classes and get certified.  

  • Arhanta Yoga Ashram: 

Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best yoga ashrams in the world. It is one of the most reputed yoga ashrams in India and outside the world as it offers the best education and retreat related to yoga and mediation. This is a yoga school that offers its services all over the world in multiple locations including Europe, UK, and the USA. Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India welcomes its guests from around the world and helps them in many ways. For example, if you are looking for recommendations related to transport, food, and lodging, they will provide all of these facilities to you. Not only that you can earn many yoga certifications as well. That means if you spend your time in an Ashram, you will be able to become a future yoga teacher as well.  

  • Yoga Magic Retreat: 

This is one of the luxury options in yoga retreats in India. It is for those people who not only want to tour India for yoga but also want to enjoy the luxury side of India as well. It has many ashrams in many Indian states including Goa as well. You will be able to see the nature, and beauty of your surroundings. Apart from that, you will also be able to learn yoga as well. They offer multiple options in yoga vacations. Yoga Magic Retreat also offers lodging, food, and transport services to clients who want to room around the ashram. They offer hygienic food options that are home-cooked by experienced chefs. So, you will not only be able to enjoy yoga but also local and international Indian cuisine as well.

  • One Reality Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat:

One Reality Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat is also one of the best choices if you are looking for an affordable yoga holidays in India for practitioners. It offers the best prices and provides the best services to its clients. Apart from that One Reality Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat has many experienced teachers that teach yoga. You can register for their services online and book a position for your yoga retreat. Once you arrive at the airport, you will get a pickup and drop option. You will also have the options of lodging, food, and transport if you want to explore India. So, you can not only enjoy a yoga retreat but can also sightsee the beauty of Indian cities and villages.  

  • Sun, Sand, and Savasana Retreat: 

Sun, Sand, and Shavasana Retreat is one of the modern-styled Indian yoga retreat options for foreigners. You can register for your place online and visit before the time of orientation. After that, you will start your yoga vacation with Sun, Sand, and Shavasana Retreat. They will make you feel comfortable by providing the best services and quality yoga experience. So, your Indian yoga retreat will become a memorable trip. Not only that you will also be experiencing nature and greenery that is pure. You will also be able to explore deep into other options in yoga 

  • Himalayan Yoga Ashram: 

The Himalayan Yoga Ashram is also one of the best places to go for a yoga retreat in India. If you are visiting from outside India, you should book your place earlier as most of the time they are fully booked. It is the best place because it is present in the most remote location and offers the highest quality of yoga retreat and vacation anywhere in India. 


The article above contains a list of the option paths you have for an Indian yoga vacation. You should select Arhanta yoga Ashram as it is one of the best yoga ashrams in the world. They have a lot of experience and many teachers who can speak multiple languages. You will be able to benefit greatly from their experience.