Improve your SEO Ranking with Windows Reseller Hosting

Windows reseller Hosting

SEO is being a very crucial part of 2021 if you are running any page, website, or business on the internet. Every website owner wants their website in the first position on their targeted keyword, but it quite tough to be at the top for the long term, because google algorithms are continually changing based on quality. If you are 100% sure about your website content quality and still not meet your goals, then definitely, you don’t focus on the second criteria of improving your seo ranking factors yet.

As per basic research fast loading time, responsive results, lightweight website, advanced system, secure URL, Google-friendly infrastructure, are also important factors that may help you to boost your website ranking. For that, you need responsive, fast, secure, and reliable web hosting, on which you can host your website.
So many options are available out of there like dedicated, vps, but if you are looking for a cheap and advanced hosting type then Reseller Windows Hosting is a perfect choice for you. Windows Reseller Hosting is an open-source platform, where you can host multiple websites efficiently.

Let’s see more about windows reseller hosting and tips for Improve SEO Ranking with Windows Reseller Hosting.

How to check your website SEO factors

Before you know the solution to your problems, you should know what is actually your issue. If your website is facing downtime, or stuck at a position, not ranking on any keyword, then definitely you are ignoring something very important. Have you listen to the technical seo factors that do not belong to on-page and off-page seo. If not, then Below listed some crucial factors of technical seo

Loading time

 Best Windows Reseller Hosting

If your website taking time to load like 30 sec and 1 min, then, you should consider that factor to make your seo factor strong. Normally loading time not seems a serious point to resolve, but when your website passing through the management of that page who will rank on the top, that time your loading time will be considerable. Also, high loading time is the main reason to lose organic traffic.


When Web crawlers are land on your website that time your website seems good and easy to understand like you should have proper files of your every section, navigation, sitemap, and much more, that make your website google friendly and to have a proper listing of your product, search button, categories, and etc. That makes your website user-friendly. These both things play a vital part in your ranking factors.

Weight of your website

According to mention in the upper point “Infrastructure” that you should have proper files, pages, and much more that can make your website easy to understand. But it also makes your website heavy and therefore your website will start to take time to load. To keep your website lightweight, you should avoid making too many pages and posts. So that you can make your seo factor more strong.

Secure URL

Best Windows Reseller Hosting

Security is a very important part when talking about any source which is hosted on the internet. Because so many threats are there to destroy your website. But apart from cyberattacks, malware, virus and etc, you should have first a secure website URL. let me tell you about secure URLs for those peoples, who don’t know about this. A secure URL is a tag that shows by google before your website URL. That means no other user as, and fack crawler is access that particular website. In a technical language, it called by HTTPS tag.


So many factors are responsible for downtime, such as when your website is not able to track a high number of traffic at a time, or maybe your server system is not responding to the version of your WordPress, c-panel because a new version is available. To resolve downtime issues, you should have responsive and best web hosting, that can keep you upgraded with the latest version or able to manage high traffic at a single time.

So these all factors can affect your seo ranking very badly, and if you are going to resolve them one by one, then definitely you will face so many challenges. So to get the one-time solution, you need a fast, and productive web hosting like Windows Reseller Hosting, that can fulfill your requirements automatically. Lets’ See How?

How Windows Reseller Hosting can help to boost seo ranking

No doubt Windows reseller hosting is a perfect solution to improve your technical seo factors, easily. Because unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting is the only web hosting type where you can get a complete resource of advanced technology at the cheapest price. It is one of the most popular web hosting types that chosen by millions of peoples to make their website strong and responsive, Because

  • Ultra-Fast: You will get the fastest server that will help your website to load and respond fastly, within 1 sec.
  • High data storage, so that you can create unlimited files to make your website understandable, and easy to read for web robots and users as well, And it will resolve your high weight issue also.
  • SSL certificate, that is the only solution to tag your website with secure or HTTPS. You can secure your website URL by just apply SSL, through PHP admin in your control panel.
  • The upgraded version, windows reseller hosting has featured automatic up-gradation, which keeps updating your website always with the latest version of WordPress, plugins, and more.


So reseller windows hosting is good o make your website seo factors strong with their amazing features and advanced services. But if you want to enjoy more efficient and unlimited windows reseller hosting services at the cheapest price then you should have a reliable web hosting provider like Wisesolution that ensures 100% uptime guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, high traffic range, unlimited data storage, free SSL, 24/7 customer support and much more with their cheap windows reseller hosting plan in India.