VPS Hosting Argentina: When should you Consider Using it?

VPS Hosting Argentina

Most websites consider using Shared Hosting at the beginning stage. And it works well, as the website encounters low traffic and requires limited resources initially. But when it starts getting popular, and the traffic rises the loading speed and website performance see a downfall. That’s because Shared Hosting doesn’t have enough resources to run a growing website. 

Hence, you need to upgrade your website to VPS Hosting Argentina to maintain its smooth functioning. The VPS Hosting provides separate resources to every user over the network through virtualization technology. You can control or expand your Server Configurations as per your needs. So, in VPS Argentina, neither your website’s operations are affected by anyone else nor your share of resources can be utilized by another user. 

But, do you need to switch over to VPS Hosting only when the traffic hikes? What if you need higher security or more resources? In this article, we will highlight more than 7 cases when you should upgrade to Argentina VPS Hosting immediately. Also we have brought you the Best VPS Hosting Provider in Argentina. So, read till the end. 

When you are Concerned about Website’s Security

If you are using the Shared Server then your server’s security can be a big concern. With dozens of users, you never know who has the malicious intention of data theft or a security breach. While with VPS Hosting Argentina you get enhanced server security features and an independent server compartment. So, if you are saving sensitive business data over your server then you must avoid Shared Server and shift to VPS Hosting. 

Your Website Starts Encountering High Traffic

As we discussed above, Shared Hosting is unable to manage heavy traffic load. So, with low traffic, it will work fine. But as your website starts gaining traction and the number of visitors shows a significant rise you must upgrade to the Argentina VPS. If you continue running your website over the Shared Server there is a risk of slow speed, or far worse can be your server crashing down. 

The Page Loading Speed has Declined

If your Loading Times start declining it’s a clear indication that your website needs more resources. Shared Hosting is not ideal for websites using a lot of RAM and Storage Space. As your traffic rises and you add more content, images, and videos to your website, its loading time rises. Hence you need to buy VPS Argentina at this time. 

You are Running an eCommerce Store

The users take multiple actions when they visit an eCommerce store. From choosing the products to making the payment, there are numerous actions taking place at the same time. So, for such a vast level of activities, a Shared Server is a bad choice. An eCommerce store has a large number of videos and images showcasing products that need a large amount of RAM and Storage Space. Also, the payment and personal details of the user must be kept in a secure environment. Further, it encounters huge traffic especially when an Offer is announced. Hence, to manage all of this the website requires powerful web hosting, i.e the VPS Server Argentina. 

You Need Root Access

If you want to install custom software or need custom configurations for meeting your business needs, it’s not possible with Shared Server. Also, if you want to run certain programs which require high uptime and internet connectivity then you will require a VPS or Dedicated Server. 

Server Errors are Very Frequent

When you visit your website do you face any of these errors, “Service Unavailable”, 500 or Internal Server Error”? It implies that your server faces high downtime. These errors may occur over the Shared Server when the resources are insufficient or some other user is experiencing a traffic surge. These errors may spoil your reputation amongst your customers. Hence, to avoid it you must switch to VPS Argentina. 

You have a Limited Budget

The fact that Dedicated Server is the Best can provide an efficient solution to most of the problems we mentioned. But the problem is Dedicated Servers are very expensive. Hence, VPS Hosting provides you advanced resources, increased security, and a separate server at an affordable price. 

If you are a Web Developer

If you are building websites for your clients then with a VPS Server in Argentina you can host multiple domains. 

Best VPS Hosting Argentina by Serverwala

So, if you are facing any of the conditions mentioned above then you must upgrade to VPS Hosting Argentina. But how to find the Best VPS Hosting Provider? Don’t worry we did some research and found the most reliable, affordable, and superior web host for you.

Serverwala is one of the Best Web Hosting Companies with a Global Customer Base. Based in India they are providing top-quality web hosting services in more than 200 countries. For their premium services and best-in-class customer support, they have won various awards and recognitions.

Let’s take a look at their key attributes of VPS Hosting in Argentina:

  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated IP
  • High-Speed SSD Disk Drives
  • Operating System Option
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Custom Configurations
  • DDoS Protection
  • 1 GBPS Network Speed
  • Monthly 20 TB Data Transfer
  • 24/7 Technical Support

For further information, you can visit their official website https://serverwala.com. Also, you may contact them through Email, Call, or raise an inquiry on their Chatbot. 

Summing Up

VPS Hosting Argentina is the most suitable alternative available in a budget for fulfilling your growing business needs. Shared Hosting is good at the beginning but you need to upgrade later on. Serverwala offers various VPS Hosting plans for meeting the needs of different scales and sizes of businesses. Choose the plan suitable to you and achieve faster growth. 

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