Elevation Certificate: Keeping Families Safe From Future Uncertainties

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This year I am planning to buy a piece of land in South Carolina and think of building our dream house in this part. During my discussion with my friend who works in the Insurance field, he told me did we check upon elevation certificate. I asked him what is an elevation certificate after which he said it is before building any building we need to check if the location is safe to build a building. Is the area in a flood zone or not needs to be verified. We need also to ensure the safety of our family. One of the best options for it is to keep them Insured by taking in correct and timely insurance for them and for the property. We will have a short discussion on this topic here.

Below Is The List Of Insurance Offered By Companies

There are various kinds of Insurance offered by companies but some insurance should be definitely taken by every individual. We will not discuss all but some of them in brief.

  1. Child Insurance

Looking at the current uncertainties in life it is imperative that we keep our children’s future safe as we do not know what will happen in the upcoming future. When a child is born first thing which should be done is that take a child’s plan to make his or her future safe. We need to check how much money we want for their studies as the plan matures they would be going to college. God forbidden something happens to us how much money our family will get to safeguard their future needs.    

  1. Retirement Plan

Something which I have learned from my father is that have a retirement plan, no matter how much planning we do in life it is filled with a lot of uncertainties for which we are not prepared. But something which can act as a cushion for us is regular income after the age of 60. Having a retirement plan can make our life simpler and less hectic. We need to keep in mind how much money we currently earn, the same amount of money can be should get monthly at that time. So everyone needs to do some calculations as per their lifestyle and their future needs and then only take a retirement plan accordingly do involve your spouse in all the decision making.

  1. Medical Insurance

The year 2020 has shown us the importance of medical insurance, corona did play havoc and was a big spoiler in the year 2020. Those families who were covered under insurance might have felt secure. People have money to buy Apple phones and spend money on other leisurely items but when it comes to medical insurance they are not adequately insured as some feel it is a waste of money. Those who have elderly parents have to put money into this insurance policy on a regular basis. We cannot say when would the requirement would arise. We need to play safe here.

  1. 4.Vehicle Insurance

In the USA nearly 5.25 million accidents taken place yearly. Also, around 38,000 people die every year in the USA. So having car insurance has become a necessity. While taking vehicle insurance we also need to include third-party insurance so that we can make payment to the other party under the insurance cover itself no need to worry about the damage caused to his car by our car.

  1. Home Insurance

Looking at the number of natural calamities happening very frequently nowadays we need to double insurance our house against natural calamities, fire, and burglary. We need to take the necessary certificate like elevation certificates and other no-objection certificates required to build our house. This might safeguard us in the future.


Some of the readers reading this article must be saying were are other insurance policy, which companies policy is good or the best. I have made a humble effort to write about policies that would safeguard our families during troubling times. Which is our primary motto to write this article. So much has happened in these two last years that we need to be on our toes when it comes to the safety of our family and there are no two ways about it. Be safe and be adequately insured.