5 Quick Tips For Boost WiFi Speed Of Asus AX6100 WiFi Router

Asus AX6100 WiFi Router

The Asus router is the most powerful wifi network device. It also gives ultra-high wifi speed in the long-distance area. The Asus AX6100 wifi router also has four external antennas, Promotes WiFi in every corner of your home, you can enjoy anti-home WIii coverage and interval WiFi performance. This has more wifi coverage, this means it covers up to 6,000 sq. ft. It eliminates the dead zone from the home or office. The Asus router is the best device for enjoying gaming consoles and streaming 4K videos. This router also has MU-MIMO technology, by which it supports many networking devices and transmitting data at the same time. It has a USB port, WPS button, reset button, power button, USB p[ort and LAN port.

The installation and setup of the asus router is effortless. Every user easily Setup the router with the APP. AX6100 router to work with any compatible routers to turn your home WiFi into a mesh WiFi system. It provides a seamless connection to all the network connection devices, which is connected.

1. Select a good place of Asus AX6100 wifi router

If you want to boost the wifi speed in the whole home, you also need to select a good place for a wifi router. If you connect the router to the computer, you must place the router nearby the computer. The router must be placed in a ventilated area and also it is placed in the centre of the house, by which increases the wifi signal in the whole home. The router should not be on the ground, it should climb on a wall or support someone.

2. Switch to 5GHz

The 5GHz is a higher frequency that provides ultra-high speed. If your router has 5GHz frequency, so you can switch it. After switching this frequency your router provides better, stronger and stab;e wifi connectivity in the whole house. By which the dead zone is automatically removed. You must login to the Asus AX6100 wifi router to switch to 5 GHz. then, go to the setting and open the wireless setting tab. Under this setting, appear the option “change frequency”, click on it. Now, you set the 5GHz and click the apply section.

3. Carefully router setup through the App

If you want to boost the wifi speed of the ausu ax6100 wifi router, you also need to carefully set up the router. If you want to get Asus AX6100 WiFi 6 router setup through the app, you need to install the App in the device. Go to the google play store or app store and download the app. Then, click the +icon for Setup the new router. The list appears on the screen, click the asus router name. Click the “allow” section to process the setup. After that, follow the prompt on screen instruction. And then, the Setup of the asus wifi router is successfully done.

4. Keep your Asus AX6100 WiFi Router update

If you want to boost wifi speed in the whole home or office, you need to check the latest firmware. After updating the firmware you get many new features, by which your wifi router increases the wifi speed. To update the firmware, firstly you need to login the router with help of a web browser. You also need the default username ID and password for login. After that, go to the administration section. Under this section you will also get the firmware upgrade option, click on it. And after sometimes the firmware update process of the asus ax6100 wifi router is complete.

5. Use the wifi range extender

If you want to boost the router wifi range in the long-distance area, for this you can also use the wifi range extender. In the asus ax6100 manual easily attach the extender to the wifi router. After attaching the extender, your router’s wifi speed is ultra-fast. If you keep your asus ax6100 wifi router on the 1st floor, then it covers the 3rd floor. This extender is more coverage that gives the stable wifi connectivity to all the networking devices. Now you can attach up to 100 networking devices at a time without any buffering. You can use repeater.asus.com to access the repeater for fast working.

These are also some steps which can be followed to boost the wifi speed with the help of repeater. By which you can watch 4K videos and enjoy playing gaming without any buffering. And it eliminates the dead zone in the corner of the house.