Are you Scrolling Internet to Setup Your Netgear Extender?


Netgear extenders are one of the best and user-friendly devices. People nowadays use extender devices to extend the network coverage area of their router. Studies tell that an extender device can open your router’s internet coverage upto 2500 feet. This article will tell you about both the ways to set up your Netgear wifi range extender. To know about the setup process of your Netgear extender, stick with the article till the end. 

This informative guide will tell you about the straightforward method for both the extender setup procedures. Before we start, let’s know a bit about both the setup procedures. There are two procedures by which you can complete your Netgear extender setup. Those are: 

  1. Wifi-protected setup process (WPS) – This process is also known as a wireless method to set up your extender device. It is the easiest and efficient method. But it depends on your extender’s model whether it is compatible with the WPS method or not.  
  2. Manual setup process- This process is a wired process that can perform on any extender device. The manual method is not as complicated as it looks. You have to make sure of a few things, and you are good to go. Any extender device can support the manual method procedure. Setup Explained Here In Two Process  

Wifi protected setup (WPS)

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully without skipping any steps. 

  1. Unbox your new Netgear extender. 
  2. Take the extender device to the same room as your existing router. 
  3. Plug the Netgear extender device in any electrical outlet. 
  4. Turn the extender on by pressing the power button.
  5. Let your extender device get stable. 
  6. Now look for the WPS button on your extender device and hold it for 20 seconds straight. 
  7. Once the extender’s LED indicator shows the WPS connectivity, release the WPS button.
  8. Now repeat the same process with your router device. Press and hold the WPS button for 20 seconds straight and then release it.
  9. Your router and extender device are now automatically connected. 
  10. Now take your wifi-enabled personal computer and launch a web browser. 
  11. Click on the address bar and type
  12. Hit the enter key. 
  13. You are now on a new Netgear extender setup portal. 
  14. Click on the new extender setup icon. 
  15. Now fill in the on-screen details to sign up for a new account.
  16. Once done, follow the on-screen instruction. 
  17. Click on the finish button to save your settings.
  18. All set. 
  19. Now you can change the position of your Netgear range extender and connect your other smart devices.
  20. Keep your extender device in the middle of your place to experience better quality.

Manual setup method

Follow the below-mentioned steps to install your via manual method.

  1. Plug your extender near your existing router. 
  2. Now take an ethernet cable and connect your extender device to your existing router via LAN port. 
  3. Once done, activate your wifi-enabled personal computer and launch a web browser. 
  4. Type mywifiext login in the address bar. 
  5. Hit the enter key. 
  6. On the new Netgear extender setup page, click on the new extender setup icon. 
  7. Fill up the on-screen admin credentials and sign up for a new admin account. 
  8. Now follow the on-screen information carefully. 
  9. Click on the available network list option. 
  10. Now look for your new Netgear extender network and click on it to get connected. 
  11. Follow the on-screen rest instructions and save your settings. 
  12. Now remove the ethernet cable and place your extender in the middle range of your existing router’s network. 
  13. Connect your smart devices with your new extender network and enjoy surfing the internet without buffering. 


If you are still facing any issues regarding the WPS method or manual method, let us know, and we will try to assist you with better performance.

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