Best Alternatives For Orcpub

Best Alternatives For Orcpub

Orcpub is a tool for dungeons and dragons 5th edition which is focused on the tabletop game play and in the preparation of quicker and easier for the players to access. The applications help the user to explore and play more new games. It was created by Larry Christensen.

The announcement about discontinuation of orcpub dishearten all the users. Few started to search for orcpub replacement.
Alternatives available:

1. Roll20

One among the best orcpub alternative websites is roll20. Most importantly, it’s free of cost and it is easy to access by any gamers. It is a complete web based game and also it has more features like video clips, voice chats, background songs and more in this game. You can download and install it free of cost

2. Maptool

It has all the features that are similar to that of the orcpub which is also a java application that can run on any of the operating devices. The other features it offers are loading maps, tracking health, importing custom tokens, and more.

3. Fantasy grounds

It is a virtual tabletop app that has similar features of orcpub. Few of its features are virtual dice rolling, character sheets, and maps. When you play games in this app, each and every game will give you a unique experience.

4. Rolisteam

The features in this app are sharing maps, tools that can help you to communicate with other players, and more. It is virtual tabletop software that helps to manage your role playing game with your friends or even any other players.

5. DiceCloud

The aim of this dice game is to minimize the shuffling time and to increase the actual game time.

6. GM Forge

It is a virtual game which is similarly trending to that of orcpub also it has all features similar to it. Few features of GM Forge are voice as well video chat, both online and offline network support, connecting world maps etc. But it’s not free like an orcpub game. To access it, $30 is required. Anyhow it will not fall under the category of un affordable since any one in the group only has to purchase it.

7. Astral Tabletop

This game offers its player a unique experience not only that it is also the easiest tabletop game to create and host either online or in person. It allows us to create maps or characters.

8. Mipui

App is known for its user-friendly approach. An online game that is grid based on map editor. It has features like zoom, undo/redo, copy/paste and more. This app is supported in chrome, safari and firefox.

9. Aurora builder

This is a character building app. If you are someone who wants to build character, check this app without fail.

10. Reroll

Millions of gamers are playing this game and it is also one of the character development games. 2,69,582 characters have been developed by different users. Everyone who plays this game loves it because of its available features. In this game, you can add power, function and anything you can customize as per your desire. To level up, you need to buy inventory for your characters, armors and weapons.

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Try out the above said games which are also the best alternative games of orcpub.