Best tips for using the Linksys smart wifi Router

Linksys smart wifi Router

The Linksys smart wifi router provides the maximum throughput in your home using the dual-Band technology. This router provides the full coverage of a network, which is up to 1,000 square feet. It is easily connected with ten or more wireless devices and provides a network speed especially in dead-zones and long distancing areas up to 1.2 Gbps. This router contains four smart gigabit Ethernet ports. It is used for fast wired network connections and enables the transfer of files fastly. Using the Linksys smart Wi-Fi tools you can quickly set the router.

You can also use the browser-based quick installation process through your smartphone, mobile phone, tablet, or computer devices. The Linksys smart wifi router gives the Wi-Fi network to guest wireless devices. It is easily accessible to protect your network from unwanted guests and this also protects your network-connected devices to the unwanted guests. To control and manage this router you can download the Linksys app. Through the Linksys app, you can quickly control the Linksys router network anywhere.

Tips for using the Linksys smart wifi Router

The Linksys Wi-Fi router is really a reliable networking device. This provides a high-speed network using the latest technology. Through this router, you can easily stream HD online videos, best for online gaming consoles, or file transfer. You can use some tips to maintain your router networking speed perfect from the below.

The Place is a Linksys smart wifi Router:

To get high-speed of the network and full coverage of the network signal, you can place your router in a ventilated area. Move your router from the hot areas such as the kitchen, sunlight, or more hot areas which are overheating your router. You can keep your router in a cool, clean, and airy area. In this area, you can quickly get good network connectivity between your all networking devices.

Use the latest network technology:

If you want to get a high-speed network in dead-zones and long-distance areas, you can change your router setting. To change the router’s setting visit the web browser and search the Linksys Wi-Fi router IP address in the URL. after searching this address the login box appears on the PC screen. Type in teh login box Username and password in their fields. After this, go into the setting option and change the setting accordingly. After completing the changes click on the router save option. You can change from the setting your network band technology which you want to use.

Use the Linksys app to control the router network:

The management of the network router really affects the router speed. To manage, control, and monitor the network speed you have to download the Linksys app through the play store. You can search in the play store Linksys app and download from here and instantly download it. After installing the app, open this app. You can use this app according to the app instructions.

Use a Wired network connection:

The Linksys wi-fi router uses dual-band wireless network technology. But sometimes the wireless network does not provide the signal of the network in dead-spot areas. To get the proper network performance you can use a wired network connection. You have to use an Ethernet cable for getting wired network connections. You can easily connect with wired connections to multiple devices through the LAN port.

Reset your Linksys smart wifi Router daily:

You can also use one more tip for your Linksys smart wifi router. On a specific day, week, or month to maintain your router network properly, you can reset your router using the WPS button or Reset button. Simply, unplug the router and press or hold the WPS button for a few seconds. To hold the Router WPS button you have to use any paperclip or any object which is easily helpful to press the WPS button. After pressing the three seconds, you can release the WPS button and wait. Now, the Linksys router reset process is running. After resetting the router, you can again use it.

Update the Linksys router firmware:

To maintain your Linksys wi-fi router you can also update your router firmware. Using the Linksys app or web, you can visit the myrouter.local linksys. Choose the setting option and locate the Linksys Wi-Fi router firmware update option. After this, you can choose your router’s latest version and update your router. Follow the given update on-screen instruction and complete the process accordingly. Now, the Linksys Wi-Fi router firmware update process is finally successfully finished.