Five Secrets That Helps To Know About Dlink WiFi Router Device

Dlink WiFi Router

If you want to create a WiFi home network in your home, and make that network powerful and stable, then you can make it by using a Dlink WiFi Router. D’Link is the company name, it manufactures top-notch quality routers. Which fulfills your WiFi connectivity needs and gives you high-speed range WiFi connection. The Dlink DIR-1960 Router is a wireless smart mesh wi-fi router. The router has the features of MU-MIMO technology, With which you can connect multiple devices for streaming simultaneously. It has four external antennas.

The Dlink AC1900 smart mesh wifi router is dual-band. Dual-band routers are those routers that support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies simultaneously. It has a power button, reset button and WPS button, These buttons will help you to router setup and reset. Its wifi speed is very high, it gives Seamless Wi‑Fi in every corner of your house. Which eliminates or removes the dead zone and says bye-bye to buffering.

Five secret about the Dlink WiFi router

There are 5 secrets of the Dlink WiFi Router, which will help you a lot in knowing the router. These secrets are as follows.

1. Enlarge WiFi speed

Nowadays, wifi has become necessary to work at home. People choose such WiFi devices to which many devices are connected and enlarge WiFi speeds. The D’Link AC1900 router increases or enlarges wifi speed, as it is dual-band. Its wifi speed comes more than single-band. A single-band router gives you speeds of up to 750 Mbps, while a dual-band wifi smart router gives you WiFi speeds of up to 1625 Mbps. With which you can work your online office without any buffering and you can also watch 4k videos.

2. Increase coverage/range

The Dlink WiFi Router is wire-free, ity provides better, stable and reliable wifi connectivity. Which helps you to work online, you can easily work from home. The Dlink router has MU-MIMO technology which increases coverage and range. This technology allows multiple devices to be connected to the router simultaneously. With which you can enjoy a wifi network without any buffering.

3. Effortless setup of Dlink WiFi Router

The Dlink 1960 smart mesh wifi router setup is very easy and simple, every user can easily set up the router. All you have to do is connect the router to the computer, using the ethernet cable to connect it. After that, power “ON” the router and computer, launch the web browser. In the browser search bar type dlinkrouter.local and hit enter button. You ask the login credentials, such as username ID and password. Then, fill the default username ID and password and click “Log In”. After that, it will redirect the setup page, follow the prompt instruction of the setup page. And Now, the setup is complete of d’link DIR-1960 is a smart mesh wifi router.

4. Firmware upgrade

The firmware upgrade of the Dlink WiFi Router is extremely important, so you can check the firmware upgrade from time-to-time. To upgrade the firmware of the router, you can open the web browser and type in the URL bar and press enter. Go to the d-link router setting and choose the advanced section in the setting page. And then, click administration section, now firmware upgrade section will appear on the screen, click on it. Then, click the check for upgrade button. After that, the upgrade list appears on the screen. Click the download section, and now, start the upgrade process. After a few seconds, the upgrade process is complete and your device will be reboot.

5. Easily reset

If your device is not working properly or has some issue, then you reset the router. Every user easily reset the router through the reset button. First, locate the reset button of the Dlink WiFi Router. The reset button is on the back-side of the router. Hold the reset button for 15 seconds, you can use the paper clip to hold the button. After 15 seconds, release the button and power LED will be orange, it means reset dlink 1960 router is successfully done. The device will be reboot automatically.

Final words about Dlink WiFi Router

The D-Link DIR-1960 is a smart mesh wifi router. It includes many features such as Mu-MIMO, parental control, Dual-Core Processor, and voice control. It provides stable, reliable and stronger wifi range network connectivity in the whole home and business. Its wifi range goes to every corner of the house. Every user can easily set up, reset and firmware upgrade the DIR-1960 router.