How does tp link range extender works with a router?

tp link range extender

My name is Stuart James from the USA. Today I want to share my experience with tp link range extender. Past year due to covid-19 disease lockdown starts all over the world. All the schools and public places were locked to break the chain of coronavirus. So it brings a new challenge for us. Because all offices and workstations are also closed. So only one option is left, that is work from home. Here I am explaining about tp link range extender works with a router process.

How to range extender works

I am working for an IT company, I have a router for internet connectivity. In fact my house is too big because we are living in a joint family, So router is adjust in the middle room. My bedroom is on 1st floor, so router is not so capable that can provide full range in my whole house. So I got frustrated by not getting proper range in my room or slow internet connectivity. At one time my all family members use WI-Fi network for internet connectivity, My all work is totally based on internet. So it was a big problem for me.I got a suggestion from my friend. Before these I really didn’t use these types of devices like tplinkrepeater. Due to my problem I decided to place an order. Some people says tp link range extender but usually I love to say tplinkrepeater both are same

After some days I received my package with. By applying all the safety precautions of covid-19 disease has delivered to me. From that day I started to use tplink range extender.It will difficult to setup if you are using it first time. So today I am going to explain how can you complete tplinkrepeater setup.

How tp link range extender works and setup

Tp link range extender works as a booster, It will extend your router network by connecting with it wirelessly. It covers all the weak spots/dead zones area of any corner in your house. You can enjoy online streaming and a great experience. It will provide you internet speed up to 300Mbps at 2.4Ghz as well as its design is too attractive. The size of the TP link repeater is small and wall-mounted. You can freely move this device. It will come with 2 internal antennas, Wi-Fi multimedia as well as it consumes about 3 W. So now we are going to explain how to do tplinkrepeater setup here are some simple steps.

Tp link range extender setup

Tp link range extender can be easily set up by using two methods. WPS or Online browsing.

WPS Method

In WPS method it’s too easy and secure. Just need to bring your tplinkrepeater near to main Wi-Fi router and plug it in nearest electric socket. After powered “ON” just go to the router and search for the WPS button. keep pressing it for 5 seconds and release it. The LED indicators indicate you that router WPS is “ON”

Now do the same with your extender. In the back side WPS button available on the extender just press it until indicators start blinking and release it. Automatically it will search for the nearest WPS connection and configure it with a router. Hardly within 2 minutes setup can be completed.

NOTE – Keep in mind you have to press the WPS button of both devices within 2 minutes otherwise connection will fail to be establish.

Using Online browsing

Before setting up online connect your Tp link range extender to the router by using an ethernet cable. If you want to complete the setup using online browsing, you need to plug your extender adapter in an electric socket and power it on. Now in any device (smartphone,PC,Laptop) Go to the Wi-Fi settings and enable the Wi-Fi option, it will automatically search for available networks, Connect your device with your main Wi-Fi network.

After connecting, open any web browser on the same device like (Chrome,Bing, Safari). In the Address bar at the top type the IP address of your extender something like 192.168.1.x and search it, A extender management login page will open. Enter your credentials and login, In homepage.

Here you will get an option of network, Click on it and be sure that the extender IP or main Wi-Fi IP is in the same segment. Then click on save. Now click on setup>wireless and here you will get an option, Select range extender and search.You will get a list of router SSID, Click on that. Set your password by selecting WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK then simply click to save now its ready to use.

How to upgrade tp link range extender firmware

In some models multiple hardware versions are available. Confirm which one is yours.

Safety guidelines during firmware update

In wireless connection do not update the firmware.
During updating don’t turn off.
Carefully read the notes of firmware. Some firmware will not support.

To do tp link firmware upgrade download the latest version of your device. You can download it from Tp link official website. Need to select your firmware from the list. Now convert firmware by extracting it to a zip file. Now visit the management portal of tplinkrepeater. Then click on the link firmware upgrade and choose the file you earlier extracted and click to open, Now just hit on upgrade, Your device will reboot automatically and it’s completed.