How Netgear Extender Can Help Overcome Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

Netgear Extender

In today’s generation, a home wifi network is very much needed, people like to work online at home. But many people get poor WiFi connectivity, it is common for people to experience poor connectivity. He took a new router, thinking that it will give stable and high-speed WiFi connectivity. But this router is not such, it creates a dead zone in their house. The wifi router does not cover a big area and its speed is also slow. If you want a powerful device that covers your entire house and offers high-speed WiFi connectivity. So you connect the Netgear Extender with the existing router. The Netgear extender is a powerful wireless wifi network device. It boosts your existing network range and speed. This extender delivers speeds up to 300Mbps.

The Netgear extender easily plugs the electrical outlet and connects to the existing wifi router. It has internal antennas which provide better wifi coverage and stable speed. Quickly connect wifi network to a wired device like a gaming console, TV, or streaming player. The Netgear extender fulfills all required network needs. It can be easily logged in and set up. You must routerlogin nighthawk before logging in to the extender.

Simply access the login page of the extender

It is simple and easy to log in to Netgear Extender. For this, the default username and password should be known. But before logging in to the extender, you have to router login. Both devices have to be logged in the same way, it can be easily logged using just an IP address. If you do not know the IP address, you can also log in with its web address. Connect the device to the computer by using an Ethernet cable to login. The web browser has to be opened on the computer.

In the browser URL bar enter or for router and or for Netgear extender. A login page will be displayed on the computer screen. Under the page, two fields will appear. He will ask you for the username and password, you have to fill in the default username ID and password in these fields and click on login. After that, the login process of the Netgear wifi range extender is complete.

Set up the extender with the Nighthawk App

If you want to set up Netgear range Extender with the app, then for this you will have to install the app. By setting up the extender, it will increase the range of your existing router and eliminate the dead zone. It covers the area of ​​your entire house and enables you to watch 4K videos without any buffering. To set up the extender, first of all, you have to make sure your wifi router is connected to the Internet.

Then pay attention to the router network name and password. Plug the extender into the power circuit and power ON. wait for some time, the power LED will blink solid green. On your devices like mobile phone or computer, go to the app store and play store. In the search bar type the app name “Nighthawk App” and install it. After installing, open the app, and set up the extender, follow the instructions found on the screen. After that, the extender will be set up.

Resolve issue of Netgear wifi range extender not working

If you login to Extender via, but your Extender does not work, to resolve the issue you must be the first to check the ethernet cable connection between the extender and the device. If you are not login using the web address, then you can also use the IP address. In the case, If you are not log in using a web browser, then you can use other web browsers like Chrome, Safari.

If the Netgear extender is not working, then to resolve the issue, you will have to check its firmware update. It may be you are not properly connecting it to the Existing Smart WiFi router. You can easily connect it to the router using the WPS button. If you follow all these instructions and your issue is not solve then you can factory reset the Netgear wifi range extender. With this, your issues will be resolve and your extender will properly work.