12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Jewellers In Jaipur

Perfect Jewellers In Jaipur

When it comes to buying Jewellery, whether as a gift, a proposal ring or as an item for our collection, we all want to buy the perfect one. Whether you want to buy it for yourself, friend, or your significant other, you’d want to know whether the jewellery you’re buying is good or not. You need not worry because this article will provide you with the information you need to shortlist the best jewellers in Jaipur.

1. Ask For Recommendations
While buying Jewellery, it is best to ask around which jeweller is best, whose jewellery has better quality. Ask your friends or family members which Jewellery store they shop at in Jaipur and which one they’d recommend.

2. Gather Information Beforehand
There are many Jewellery stores which try to scam their customers by providing them with false prices. So, it is advised that you gather some information regarding the jewellery you want to buy, like the current price of gold in the market, price of diamond, etc.

3.Check Whether They’re Pros Or Not
You’d want a Jeweller who can answer your questions and solve your queries efficiently. A store that has educated and certified specialists as staff will help you in any repairs or custom works you may require for your bought jewellery. Some good credentials for professionals are GG, CG, CSA, RJ, and CJAP. If the jeweller has any of these credentials, then there’s a high chance that they are a professional.

4.Beware Of Stolen Merchandise
In the Jewellery Business, there are times when Jewellers get their hands on stolen items and try to sell them off. So be careful regarding where you’re buying from. A tip- If you don’t have enough information about whether they are legit or not, don’t buy from them.

5.“So Many Materials. WHICH TO CHOOSE?”
There are three primary metals from which Jewellery is made out of. Their qualities and prices vary greatly.

Silver, being very soft and easily bendable, is the most affordable and is not suitable for long-term daily use.

Being slightly more expensive, gold comes in many different colors like- white, yellow, and rose gold. Gold is very versatile, therefore used in making many types of jewellery.

Platinum, being the toughest metal of the three, has a beautiful silver white colour.

6. Get Nickel-Free Jewellery
You might not know this, but many people are allergic to a metal known as Nickel. So it is better to avoid buying a Jewellery with nickel in it. Just ask the jeweller whether there’s nickel mixed in the jewellery or not.

7. Ask Around About The Prices
It is best to ask around about the price of a specific type of jewellery that you want. The prices of jewellery vary from store to store, So try to get the best price you can.

8. Chain Stores
Chain stores are mass markets, and they usually provide diamonds or other metals in bulk, meaning you can get a massive discount in buying a large portion altogether. When you buy in bulk, you lose the opportunity to handpick the items. And that leads to an enormous problem- you either end up with the best material or the worst.

9. Bespoke Jewellers
Bespoke Jewellers expertise in making customised and hand-made jewellery. The Jewellery they make usually is a lot tougher and lasts longer than jewellery manufactured in a factory. The reason is when metal is hammered, it gets heated, and the atoms of the metal get compacted together. Jaipur is known for its Jewellers. You’ll find many Jewellers in Jaipur who are known to be experts in making bespoken Jewellery.

10. Check The Return Policy And Buying Details
It is your responsibility as the buyer to check all the transaction details before buying the jewellery. Ask up on the details and warranty duration. What damaged aspects does the warranty covers? You should read up all the papers they provide with the transaction to ensure that you don’t get scammed. If the Jeweller does not allow returns or has guidelines that seem suspicious to you, it would be better to avoid that Jeweller.

11. Give Me The Certification
If you’re out buying diamond(s), then you should get a professional diamond certification. Why, you may ask? Because all diamonds are one of a kind, they are all different from each other. So you can get a diamond certification if you ask the Jeweller. If they refuse to provide one, then there’s a chance that the diamond they’re providing is a fake. Every reputed Jeweller in Jaipur will not hesitate to show you the certificate. In fact, they have it displayed proudly in their shop.

12. Does That Store Has A Positive Reputation In Jaipur?
Check whether the Jeweller you’re buying Jewellery from gets a positive review. Do they have a track record of keeping their promises or not? Check how they have served their community in the past. Making sure of these things will help you decide which Jeweller should be your go-to choice.

In the end, it’s all your responsibility regarding the transaction. It would be best if you varied of suspicious Jewellers. If they hesitate while answering your questions, then leave and check somewhere else.

Find the best Jeweller that is right for you, and don’t forget to get the Jewellery insured.