Most irregular shaped diamond rings ever made

When we think of rings, we visualize bands or regular solitaires. But designers have come up with some of the most bizarre and irregular shaped diamond rings so far. If you’re a non-traditional woman, looking to find creativity and uniqueness in your finger rings too, then these odd ring shapes may interest you.

  1. Halo rings

The idea of a large stone puts off some women, but they still wish to own a large looking ring. The middle-way that designers found for this unusual request was the halo ring. It is usually a large oval shape on the circular ring but there isn’t one big stone. Instead, it has an empty space in the middle with tiny diamonds surrounding the halo like structure of the oval. This design gives the ring a larger-looking appearance but at the same time avoids a bulky look. The absence of a large diamond also helps to bring down the cost. And from a distance no one can ever make out that there is a negative space in between the stones.

  1. Spiral Loop infinity ring

As the name suggests, spiral rings go in circles up to three, four or sometimes even five spirals. They are called loop infinity rings because of their ongoing spiral shape that resembles a swirling motion that goes on endlessly. It symbolises never-ending love or friendship and is admired by women as an engagement ring from their loved one.

  1. Asymmetrical designs

When we think of diamond rings, we usually imagine designs with mirror image patterns. That has pretty much always been the norm. But asymmetrical rings break this norm by having unusual patterns and shapes that don’t fit in the rulebook of geometrical symmetry. However what makes these asymmetrical diamond rings still look pretty is that the designers manage to find a balance even in those patterns. Nothing is haphazard and designing is meticulous In fact, jewellery artists claim that asymmetrical rings are much tougher to design than symmetrical ones as they have to create shapes entirely designed through imagination.

  1. Tiny baguette ring

These rings are extremely delicate and barely visible with a tiny rectangular diamond in the centre. Many women prefer delicate looking rings over traditional bulky ones and opt for this one. Their demand gave rise to this ultra-fragile piece of jewellery. They naturally require more care and handling needs to be delicate because of their fragility. But they look absolutely gorgeous on the long and slender fingers. This a commonly bought engagement ring London.

  1. Open rings

Traditionally rings have always been a circle. But some of the most irregularly shaped ones include those that have an open ends. The two ends have either single stones or an array of gems on them in some shape or the other. However, there is an open gap between the two ends making the ring adjustable. The downside is that these rings are delicate and have greater chance of breaking in two halves if handled roughly. Other than that they look really pretty and are likely to get all the attention from admirers.

The prices of these rings differ according to jewellery shops and different designers. You can either buy a ready-made one or get a custom-made ring for yourself or for your would-be better half. Thinking out of the box goes a long way when it comes to jewellery as well. Most of these rings use Lab grown diamonds UK and can be found in the famous Hatton Gardens jewellery market place in the city.