Pearl Jewellery Sets the Perfect Solution

Pearl Jewellery Sets the Perfect Solution

A Pearl Jewellery set is the perfect solution to obtaining a matching necklace, bracelet and even earrings. Pearls are not manufactured they are naturally formed so every pearl is unique, and the initial part of any pearl jewellery creation is to grade and match pearls for size, shape, colour, lustre and surface imperfections.  Buying a pearl bracelet of the same size and colour to a pearl necklace of the same size and colour in separate transactions does not guarantee a match, it is far better to buy a Pearl Jewellery Set where a skilled team has already visually matched the pearls.

Pearl Jewellery Sets span all types of pearl, and Round White Pearls are one of the easiest pearl types to find the high number of matching pearls needed for the jewellery pieces. Even with round pearls when you add the option of colours such as pink and lavender, which are formed naturally, but are on a wide colour spectrum, the task becomes more difficult. For black cultured pearls, which are created by heating the pearls an even wider colour spectrum is formed with the green or blue tones, that one might see in crude oil.

Once you move to Pearl Jewellery Sets of more exotic pearl shapes such a Coin Pearl Sets, Baroque Pearl Sets or Button Pearl Sets the variation in shape adds a further degree of complexity and for truly different shapes such as the oblong pearls of Biwa Pearl Jewellery Sets or the poppy petal shaped pearls of Kesha Pearl Sets the matching of pearl shape becomes an art!

A side benefit of buying a Pearl Jewellery Set is that as well as a match the Pearl Set generally represents good value versus buying the items separately, and at our Pearl Jewellery Online store that is certainly true. Even when a customer cannot see a particular Pearl Set in the store, but can see separate items in necklaces, bracelets or earrings, we would recommend that the customer talks to us and highlights that they want to create a set and we can carry out the visual matching required.

In addition to Pearl Sets we can also recommend Mother of Pearl Sets and the combination of Pearls and Marcasite Sets, the contrast of white and black gems on silver is very appealing, and which makes for great gifts or purchases for your own jewellery collection.

Whatever the season or occasion a Pearl Jewellery Set can be guaranteed to be stylish and eye-catching. Browse our collections now at: