Jewellers in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur

Jaipur is a hub of traditional royal jewellery and ornaments, and so, unsurprisingly enough, there is no shortage of shops. Jaipur is filled with Jewellery that offers alluring Jewellery inspired by the regal history of Rajasthan. While it might sound pleasing to have an abundance of options to choose from; It can also be, at times, puzzling.

If you are looking for a good jeweller in Vaishali Nagar, it’s puzzling as it’s one of the busiest markets in the city. Jewellers in Vaishali Nagar are well known when it comes to buying precious metals and stones.
So, we went ahead and made a list of 5 of the best jewellery shops in this heart of Jaipur, to help you out with your jewellery hunt. If you are looking for the best of what Jaipur has to offer, you might want to visit each of them at least once.
Let’s bring exploring!

Top Jewellers in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur


If you are on the lookout for a shop that offers authentic traditional Rajasthani jewelry, then JKJ should most definitely be your first choice. This almost 150 years old jewelry chain was established in 1868 and is the carrier of the torch when it comes to keeping the Jewelry culture of Rajasthan alive.
Not only that, but JKJ also managed to expand their business out of Jaipur and into cities like Delhi and Kolkata, which is a testament to their quality and craftsmanship.


Lohiya’s Galleria is already a big name in Jaipur despite being relatively new as it was established in 1998. And when it comes to buying almost anything made out of silver, gold, platinum, or any other precious material Lohiya’s has to be among the topmost in your list.

Lohiya’s offers jewelry for all occasions, be it a wedding, an anniversary, or a festive celebration. Apart from that, they also have on offer Silver and Gold furniture. Yes, you heard that right! You can get yourself a table made out of silver or a furniture set foiled in gold at Lohiya’s if you are all about that grand Rajasthani lifestyle.


Unlike the other two, Shri Ram Jewellers might not be a multi-shop chain with branches all over Jaipur, but that is not something to be fooled by. This jewelry outlet is still one of the best jeweller in Vaishali Nagar when it comes to buying exquisitely designed ornaments.

You can rest assured that you are going to find the best and most beautiful collection of gold and silver jewelry here should you choose to visit. They also have on offer Diamond and Kundan jewelry if that’s what you are interested in.


PSJ is another jewelry shop chain in Jaipur that has a rich cultural heritage which is reflected in their designs. The shop itself is easy to spot among the hustle and bustle of Vaishali Nagar as it stands tall with its own building.

They have on offer, a variety of Gold, Silver, Diamond, and Kundan jewelry made in traditional Rajasthani style. Therefore, it is another excellent store you could consider if you want that royal feeling jewelry for yourself.


“Feel The Eternal Jewels” is their tagline and they have very well managed to live up to it until now. This is why SK Jewellers is a name synonymous with eternal and timeless jewelry in Jaipur.

This jewelry chain was founded in 1981 and has since grown to be a big favorite among buyers who are looking to buy jewelry that is both captivating and elegant. If you are someone who needs to look at a wide variety of designs before making a final decision, then going to SK Jewellers will definitely pay off as they have one of the most exhaustive ranges of collections.

Jewelry shopping is done on occasions of celebration like a wedding or a festival and that makes it a jolly affair that most women and even men look forward to. And therefore, no one likes to go through the pain of hunting the best jewellers for themselves on this occasion, especially when you are doing so under the scorching sun of Rajasthan. Hence, we made this list of the top five best Jewellers in Vaishali Nagar so that you can enjoy your joyous occasion without any such hassles.

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