A quick guide to basic types of cabinet and storage units

kitchen cabinet

The organization of a kitchen depends upon its cabinet. Kitchen cabinets define the workings of a regular home. However, it is essential to arrange them in the best order. In this way, you can increase their functioning. With CCC cabinets you have various choices in cabinet styles. Skipping the style for a moment, we have three major types of cabinets.

On the basic level, we have the base, wall, and tall cabinets. However, you have other storage options too. The basic purpose of cabinets is their storage. Therefore, their usage solely depends on your common sense. The cabinets offer storage according to their shape and size. The installation of these cabinets can be reasonable or pricy. It depends on the style and material you choose.

These days, you are not bound to select a basic cabinet. Besides, the option of customization is available now. Homeowners prefer to create their style now. Let’s begin with the basics. You have got three main types of cabinets:

  1. Base cabinets
  2. Wall cabinets
  3. Tall cabinets

1- Base cabinets:

The base cabinets define the layout of your kitchen. It is almost impossible to build a kitchen without them. First of all, they support your countertop. Secondly, you might have to fix a sink onto its top surface. Therefore, your kitchen cannot function without them. 

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Moreover, the base cabinet comes in various options. Such as drawers, pull-outs, and cabinets. So, you can use them for your cutlery, crockery, and utensils. Base cabinets constitute the largest part of your kitchen.

2- Wall cabinets:

 These are the decorative parts of your kitchen. They are screwed to the wall. CCC cabinets offer a variety of wall cabinets with the best hardware. Similarly, they come in various styles and designs. Also, you can use them for rarely used items. These cabinets touch the ceiling. Also, you can use them for heavy appliances. They can fit large items easily.

3- Tall cabinets:

Tall cabinets go from floor to ceiling. Also, they can be like a free cupboard. Similarly, they have got a lot of space for regular food items. You can use them for your cereals, junk, and other dry food products. Also, you can place pickles and other sugar jars in them.  

Moreover, you can manage an appliance in its storage. You can also leave a space for an open shelf. Then, use that place for a microwave or a blender. It is totally up to your organizing skills. Tall kitchen cabinets function like a cupboard.

Additional cabinets and storage units:

Other than basic cabinets, you have got other options too. Your interior designer can make use of the kitchen space wisely. In this way, you can have:

  1. Corner cabinets
  2. Storage units
  3. Open shelves

1- Corner cabinets:

If you have a corner space in your kitchen, use them for rolling cabinets. You can install corner cabinetry that will serve you in the best way. By using a rotating cabinet, you can make it easier for you. These cabinets are best for extra bowls and dishes. Similarly, you may use them for tissue rolls and toothpicks. Also, they look cool in the corner.

2- Storage units:

Pull-out storage units use inset railings for the open-close system. They are usually vertical. You can use them for lengthy items in your kitchen. You can place the big dishes in them. Other than that, there are trash pull-outs too. These units have a vertical box to contain trash. You may use a plastic bag or trash. It is easy to pull out. In this way, you can take out the trash bag. Then throw it away.   

3- Open shelves:

You cannot call them cabinets. However, these open shelves work like Forevermark cabinets. Other than kitchen cabinets, they are the best solution for open storage. Therefore, use an empty wall of your kitchen for this purpose. Hang some wooden boards on the wall with the help of nuts. Place your daily use items on it. Moreover, you can use them for decoration also. Place small pots on it. 


In conclusion, kitchen cabinets and storage units are the backbones of a kitchen. You cannot work without them. Therefore, use your space wisely for the base, wall, and tall cabinet. By CCC cabinets, you can get quality cabinets in desired shapes and sizes. The kitchen design gallery also offers customized cabinets. Therefore, your kitchen layout should be perfect using these storage options.