Best Summer Drinks & Foods To Fight Scorching Heat

After the chilling winter that gave us so many snowy and cloudy days and pictures from the hill stations, the summer is back here. And soon you will see many people rushing to beach destinations for their vacations. Just like the different tourist destinations, both seasons have different food and drink items. From the shopping spree to coming back home from the office, you feel like having something refreshing every time you step out in the market in summer.

So, here are some summer drinks and foods to fight the heat of summer. 

Ice Ball (Barf Ka Gola)

You will soon see the street vendors of ice balls (barf ka gola) in the market and tourist destinations. This refreshing summer item is made with ice, liquid flavours, and some chaat masala. Crushed ice is pushed hard into a glass, and a stick is inserted into the centre. It takes the shape of ice cream. After taking it out of the glass, flavours are poured on the ice as per the demand of the customer. 

Rooh Afza

You have welcomed guests with hot tea and coffee in winter, and the summer demands to change the gesture with a glass of Rooh Afza. It is surely one of the most loved homely summer drinks. Rooh Afza is actually a thick and dark puree of rose flowers. A small amount of Rooh Afza is mixed with chilled water and some sugar to make a refreshing drink. People also mix Rooh Afza with milk, and some people also add lemon juice in water and Rooh Afza mix. 

Mango Shake

As soon as the summer arrives, people start looking for mangoes in the market. Mango is undoubtedly one of the most popular summer fruits. And eating mangoes can help you beat the heat. But, having a mango shake is a better option. Slice mango and add it to the electric mixer along with milk and sugar. Mix all the ingredients well, and the drink is ready. You can use cashews, almonds, cherries, and fine mango stripes to top the shake. Adding ice cream to the shakes is also a great cooling idea. 

Cold Coffee

The world is mad over coffee! This beverage item is used in many different styles in many countries. Cold coffee is undoubtedly a loveable and indulge-worthy summer beverage. You need only a few ingredients such as coffee, coffee powder, liquid chocolate, crushed chocolate, cold milk, sugar, and a scoop of ice cream. Mix milk, sugar, and coffee in the mixer. Pour liquid chocolate on the base of the glass, now pour the mixture into the glass, add a scoop of ice cream, and decorate the top of cold coffee with crushed chocolate.

Fruit Cake

Whether it’s summer or winter, sweet cravings should be satisfied every time. And what can be better than a cake? But as you will be galloping it in the summer, you must decide to have a fruit cake. Do not let yourself out in the scorching summer heat; instead, opt for online cake delivery in Noida or wherever you live. Choose a cake topped with summer fruits such as litchi, mango, and watermelon.

Ice Cream

Well, we have talked about ice cream as an ingredient for mango shake and cold coffee, but we all know that ice cream is the best ever summer food, and it will remain so forever. Ice cream companies launch different types of ice creams every year. If you have opted for a healthy and organic lifestyle, you should eat ice cream from Naturals and NIC brands. Whatever flavour you choose, the ice cream will never fail to refresh you in summer.