Continuing the Legacy of Bomber Jackets with a New Fashion Twist

models wearing bomber jackets

A bomber comes with so many variations these days that it is sometimes difficult to single it out. Zippered, button-ups, cropped length, knitted cuffs are a few of its most common features. The bomber jacket has come a long way from its origins and is now a leading fashion icon. It has starred in pop culture classics like Top Gun, The Great Escape, and A Streetcar Named Desire. And to this day it is a timeless part of the world of fashion. To understand their steady significance through the years though we need to look deeper into the history of bomber jackets.

Origins of the Bomber Jacket

The first time a bomber jacket appeared was in the 1920s. Prior to them, pilots had to wear long cumbersome jackets to keep them warm. Which was especially necessary with the open cockpits airplanes had in those days. Those heavy jackets were highly impractical and had a lot of minor flaws. Without knitted cuffs there was no restriction upon the airflow going up the pilot’s arms. And the burden of the jackets obstructed movement.

Thus, the US Army came with a solution in the form of a bomber jacket in 1927. This initial basic design went through a lot of changes as the years progressed. Yet the recipe was successful enough to never dwindle into oblivion. The bomber jacket being popular among the civilians is no surprise. After being featured in several major movies and worn by Hollywood stars it was bound to become a coveted style. To this day the tradition is carried on by icons like Ryan Gosling, David Beckham, Kanye West, and more.

Key designs of a bomber Jacket

A-1 Bomber Jacket

This was the first of the mass-produced bomber jacket designs issued to the American army in 1927. Early versions were made from hard sheepskin with a cotton lining underneath. Later the models were manufactured from horsehide goatskin. The jacket also featured a buttoned-up front closure. Other major features included knitted cuffs, waistband, and collar along with large flap hip pockets.

The Irvin Bomber Jacket

This design was Britain’s version of the American bomber jacket. It was actually the first Shearling Leather Bomber Jacket which kept numerous pilots protected from the cold in WWII. Produced in 1931, the Irving had a full lining and had a wider fit for layering underneath. Despite its century-old existence, the design continues to inspire fashion experts to this day.

A-2 Bomber Jacket

Descendant of the A-1, these bomber jackets had a zipper closure instead of a button-up. The collar was also leather in this model not knitted and it featured epaulets on the shoulders. It stayed on being the most recognizable of bomber jacket styles to modern-day.

G-1 Bomber Jacket

The G1 Bomber jackets came out in the 1940s and shared various similarities with A-1. But its most notable difference was the additional feature in the form of a sheepskin collar. This classic design was replicated many times in the years after its birth.

MA-1 Bomber Jacket

The MA-1 first too flight in 1950 and revolutionized the bomber. It was meant as cost-saving outerwear being manufactured from light nylon material. Its prominent feature was its bright orange lining which allowed lost pilots to stay visible to their companions.  The swagger and coolness of this design can be seen all over in modern streetwear.

The Modern Twist in Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have been at the top of their game during recent years. While most trends disappear after some seasons, this garment has been reintroduced many times in various ways. Their appeal still stands strong and true as back in their military apparel days.

According to fashion experts, the bomber jacket has a timeless nature that has ensured its permanency through decades. It has a most versatile approach. By just throwing a leather bomber jacket on a t-shirt and jeans you can make a bold fashion statement. It is something unique to this design that continues to help it remain a key item in people’s wardrobes.

High-end labels are constantly preening and propelling the bomber towards the limelight. The transformations it has gone through are numerous. Bomber jackets can now be had in fitted, oversized, smart, streetwise, and hooded styles. Offering something for everyone’s preference makes it even more popular among the masses. The jacket is ultimately how you style it and what you make it to be. You can express your fashion sense in the way most true to you with a bomber jacket.

Some tips To Rock a Bomber Jacket

  • The classic look is the best option for any occasion when it comes to bomber jackets. Its plays up all its features and lends you a clean-cut silhouette. Layer it with a roll-neck light knit sweater. Or don over an untucked shirt for a rebellious street kid vibe.
  • Embellishments like zipper rings and map linings are inherent to the original bomber jacket. However, they are not essential in their modern form, especially when the current trend leans on minimalism. So, make it look refined and smart by skewing these details. That also makes the jacket easier to style.
  • The bomber is not an overly long jacket. Its ideal length, if it’s your perfect fit, falls exactly at your waist. Therefore, most of your trousers’ fit will be visible when worn with this jacket. Slim-fit pair of pants balance out the cropped length nicely, especially if picked in a contrasting shade.
  • When you are out to purchase a bomber jacket, make absolutely sure that the fit is perfect for you. Being oversized or undersized will be a waste of your money. So, choose carefully for one that rests loosely around the hip area. The cuffs should also not end above your wrists or go beyond them.
  • We would suggest if you are looking to buy an original bomber jacket, you should check GLJ, which sells genuine leather jackets for men including the bomber, fur, and shearling coats.
  • These were some basic ways you can make the most out of a bomber jacket. There is no end to the ways you can style this jacket. Dress it up or down as the occasion requires and it will serve you faithfully. This design has been around for ages and will continue to be so due to its comfort and style.