Does Rattan Garden Furniture Get Wet, and Can it be Moldy?

Rattan garden furniture

Many people love rattan garden furniture because they are stylish, adorable, lightweight, and quickly moved. This furniture also provides resistance from harmful elements, insects and also protects its build from high temperature. Because of this, most people have started using rattan garden sofa sets and other furniture instead of patio furniture. Generally, it is used during the summer season where people can enjoy relaxing and lazy daytime with their family. But most people ask if rattan furniture gets wet; if yes, then can it be moldy? To answer this commonly asked question, we did comprehensive research and came up with complete information. 

Rattan furniture can get wet and can also soak water in its build. These days mostly rattan furniture is made from PE rattan, but if you are using natural rattan furniture, it can hold water; as a result, it can cause molds. And your furniture may surely start getting caused by mold and mildew issues until you give proper focus. 

So, rattan furniture can be made of two everyday manufacturing items that are natural and PE. In this article, we will explain how rattan furniture can get wet and how you can solve this issue and remove molds. Thus, stay on the blog and keep reading this excellent article.

What is the Rattan in actually?

Rattan is a beautiful material that is similar to tropical trees of the Asia region. These vines are more robust, flexible, easily woven, and offer beautiful finishing when the structure gets done. These days, this furniture is becoming trending because it has attracted potential buyers with its many features. 

Can your rattan furniture get wet?

Rattan dining sets are generally placed outdoors; therefore, it is expected that they will have to face wind, dust, leaves, rain, and so many other things. You need to know the most important thing is it will be exposed to monsoon, heat, and humidity even if you cover them using custom covers. However, this furniture requires minimal care, and if you do not care for the furniture, you should also try to provide essential waterproofing. By doing this, you can keep the furniture functional for the long term.

Can rattan garden furniture be moldy?

Well, just like other outdoor assets like fabric, patio, wood, and other furniture. Your furniture can also be moldy even if you live in a warmer place. There might be one of the common reasons that furniture can harm furniture because of the humidity there in the air. When water or moisture goes inside the furniture, it can also be the reason to generate molds and mildew in the garden sofa sets. Once the heat and air create a suitable environment for the molds, it will start decreasing the look of the furniture. Therefore we all need to look for several methods to solve this issue. 

How can you get the molds out from your beautiful garden furnishing?

The mold does not only cause the look of the furniture but also reduces its look. Aside from the look and feel, these can also change the odor of the sofa and 6 seat rattan dining set you have. If your furniture has also caused mold, you can still use several methods to clean these. However, most people think this process can be complex, but it can get cleaned if you give proper care. By cleaning your outdoor accessories, you can remove the dirt, dust, and, most importantly, mold. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps.

Needed accessories

  • Duster
  • Vacuum
  • Bleach water
  • Water
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Sponge
  • Towel
  • Bucket

Methods to follow

  • Start with dusting using a duster to remove dust and dirt from the sofa sets, day beds, etc.
  • Use the vacuum to remove the rest of the dirt that is still there in the corners and other joints.
  • Take a bucket to prepare bleach and water solution with a 50:50 ratio.
  • Now wear the gloves to protect your hands, take a toothbrush, dip into the solution, and gently rub the surface.
  • Now take the brush or duster to rub on the surface where mold has started to grow.
  • Also, using a bleach solution, the mold will get killed, and it will also remove the undesired odor.
  • You may find some places where mold can be tough to remove, so use their toothbrush.
  • Your rattan garden furniture may be wet now, so to dry, first wipe up with the towel and then dry it with sunlight.
  • It can be better if you take it indoors or place it in the garage where sunlight can dry it properly.

How can you waterproof Rattan Corner Sofa Sets?

Waterproofing or weatherproofing is the important term that you must use to maintain the furniture for long-lasting use. There are plenty of methods you can implement to make the furniture weatherproof. All these methods can depend upon your budget and are easy to do. 

Cover with custom-made covers.

If you buy garden furniture like Rattan Corner Sofa Sets, then you have to spend good money. Therefore, you should also spend a few bucks on getting premium custom-made covers. This is the quick and easiest method to protect your garden accessories set from dangerous weather. 

You can use Tung oil.

Using Tung oil can also be a great tool to protect the furniture you have. To use this oil first, you need to clean the furniture and apply tung oil using a clean and soft towel. You should do this activity every year before you keep the furniture in the garage to use next year. The downside of this method is that this can cause mold issues as it will keep retaining moisture. Therefore you will also have to cover the furniture wisely.

You can paint the surface as well.

Most people also love to paint their furniture because it can create an additional layer and protect furniture at a reasonable level. You can use two coats because they can provide extra protection. However, this process can be time taking but give a good result.


Thus, in this article, you read about how mold can be created in Garden Sofa Sets or not, how you can weatherproof it, and much other essential information. Thus, if you like the information, then you can use and protect your furniture from now on.