Five Secrets to Looking Confident While Speaking in Public

Five Secrets to Looking Confident While Speaking in Public

Speaking to your friends, family, or a little group of people whom you know is an enjoyable and comfortable activity but how does speaking to a hundred unknown people sound? Frightening, right? Well nothing to worry about, you are amongst the 75% of people that fear public speaking. Public speaking is an art but is not something that cannot be mastered. Knowing the right methods and a few tips can help you become a fearless speaker. Rightly said by Brian Tracy, American-Canadian public speaker, Your ability to communicate with others will account for fully 85 percent of your success in your business and in your life.” So, here are five secrets to looking confident while speaking in public.

Start on a Light Note:

If you might have heard great public speakers, then you might have noticed that they often start their talk with a short joke that gets the audience laughing or at least in smiles. Why do they do this? There are a few reasons for it, of which one reason is setting a light mood in the room that gives a relaxed and comfy feel, especially for the speaker.

The moment you get your audience laughing at something you said or even better laughing at yourself, you create instant bonding and trust between them and yourself. This is what helps them see themselves as the same as you.

Change the Way You See the Audience:

If you see your audience as judges sitting there to evaluate you, chances are that you are going to go down on confidence. Instead, think of the audience as students of mentees learning and adapting. There are high chances that they are nervous and anxious and you should be the one calming them.

Another thing that you can do as a speaker is to see the audience as old friends and try to maintain eye contact with them. This will appear to the audience as a friendly and personal portrayal. The more you think of them as friends and acquaintances the confident you will be.

An illustration of a public speaker is Karen Mccleave Toronto-based legal advisor who has excellent public speaking skills. Owing to which Karen Mccleave had the honor of serving as the assistant of Crown Attorney for 30 years.

Express Emotions:

At first, almost everyone is nervous and also there are moments when no matter how much you try to calm yourselves it just doesn’t work. Anxieties, nervousness, tense feelings are all emotions that are not easy to suppress. Instead, try hiding these emotions under other emotions. You will see that you will be able to perform and feel a lot better. Expressing emotions in a natural manner and even admitting your emotions in front of the audience helps in calming greatly.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Some people are good at speaking and some are not but one can always become good at speaking through practice. Practice speaking as much as you can and wherever you can. One more thing you can add is recording a video of yourself. This will help you in evaluating and reviewing yourself and see what you can improve. The more you practice the more confidence you build. Practicing your talks is no less than gaining experience and getting better at it each and every time.

Try New Things:

Lastly and most importantly, keep trying new things. This is one of the most important tips. Public speaking is not a military parade. Enjoy with the audience, entertain them, have fun with them. Experiment with new ways of presenting your talks and yourself to the audience. Use the stage, move around, crack jokes, tell a story, ask questions, etc. A lot of things can be done to turn a public speaking session into a joyous gathering. In public speaking, different ways only result in different and unique sessions.