How does the beauty industry affect body image?

Industry Effect Body Image

Makeup and cosmetics have been considered as a symbol of beauty for centuries. Wearing makeup and using beauty products seems to have been a taboo since decades but now its meaning is evolving. It is becoming more popular and surprisingly its popularity is increasing day by day. These are becoming a part of daily routine in one’s life.

Makeup and beauty products, grooming venues, salons near me and other beauty standards have a big influence on people’s life and their body image.

Having a positive body image doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about your appearance and personality. What does it actually mean? It means that you have a choice about what beauty ideas you take and which you don’t.

Using beauty products such as anti-aging creams and makeup doesn’t mean that you can’t have a positive body image. The unethical thing is if you are using these beauty standards to hide your poor body image and if you are wearing makeup for looking good.

Beauty companies tend to sell the ideas of having a problem that they can fix with their super products. Using makeup and anti-aging products is not a part of being women, there is no link between women’s life and beauty treatments. Let’s have a look at body image, beauty ideals and how to define beauty.

History of beauty ideals

Since 1990 our body image and beauty ideals started changing considerably and nowadays it has evolved completely. So let’s understand how it evolved from the 90’s.

  • Pre-20th century– ideal female body was normal as a human being, rounded belly, full hips and breasts.
  • 1920’s– the first tale of body shaping starts when women wanting to break with conventional norms bound their chest to get the skinny and curveless body that was all age.
  • 1940-1950’s– the ideal female body was a glamorous housewife with an hourglass figure.
  • 1960-1970’s– the second wave of beauty comes with a thin and attractive female body.
  • 1980’s– the era of the powerful career of a strong but slim woman.
  • 1990’s– the era beloved with the women who look thin, place and young. Big breasts started to be popular and breast augmentation takes place among women.
  • 2000’s– today the beauty ideal is similar to 1990’s ideas. We idealize bodies which are thin with big breasts.

How does the beauty industry affect ideals?

These days we are really used to these beauty treatments- bright white teeth, smooth skin, puffy lips, contoured cheeks, thick eyebrows and perfect nose. However, these levels of grooming is a recent development, in the 80’s and 90’s these things were not normalised as such.

Grey hair, wrinkles and cellulite are considered to be flaws nowadays. Let’s have a look at the beauty ideals that are common these days.

  • Body hair

Legs and hands hair is a normal thing that is completely natural. Everyone has a hairy body whether it’s men or women. But in the late 1930’s women didn’t shave their legs, then gradually clean legs became an attraction for men. Advertisers rush to make a believe that shaved legs and body hairs is an essential. They grow their customer base by convincing women they need to shave their legs. And now it’s a part of beauty and grooming treatments.

  • Underarm hair

Women didn’t remove their armpit hair till 1915. Then a group of companies started selling the hair removal cream for removing armpit hair. They start convincing the women that shaved armpits are a new fashion and trend that gives smooth and clear underarms and a must-have for beauty and fashion purposes.

  • Grey hair

Most of the women didn’t dye their hair till the 1940s. Since a company starts showing that grey hair makes you seem old and not fun. Therefore, women started dying their grey hair to look young and attractive. Since then greying your hair has become the most important thing in every woman’s life.

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, fine lines and indents around the mouth are considered to be normal. Since botox and fillers were not invented and after this anti-aging products, treatments and therapies were invented to give flawless young skin, especially for women.

  • Manicure

Women were not considered to do a manicure until an advertisement started influencing common people that manicure is necessary in order to achieve a positive social standing. Clean and beautiful hands make you look more appealing and enhance the appearance. Moreover, it convinced the women that these give a attractive body image.

  • White teeth

In 90’s era, bone-whote color natural teeth is a normal thing even celebrities have the same. But the mid 90’s brought an teeth whitening products that says that shiny teeth is new must have. And you should consider having a beautiful smile with clean and shiny teeth.

Positive body image says that-

You don’t need to hide anything.

You don’t need to cover anything up.

You don’t need to avoid wrinkles.

You are perfect the way you are. However, if you want to have beauty products for self satisfaction then there is no harm. But to show others and appeals can’t match with the positive body image. You have the right and you can choose what should partake and what not. It’s your body so it should be your choice.


Beauty products and treatments are fine until you make the choice on your own, not going with the trend and fashion. You have the right to choose what looks best on you and how you can groom yourself, not based on the trend. And you’re perfect even without an ideal body. Hope you found this helpful.

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