How to Choose Best Mosque Carpet

mosque carpet

Mosque carpets in Dubai can create unique flooring patterns using the best quality, fine colors, and best quality patterns of rugs all over the United Arab Emirates. These carpets are specifically made for mosques or masjid that is quite a difference from the common styles of rugs available in the market.  They use wool as the main ingredient in their carpet-making process.

When buying a carpet, it is advisable to consider the material used in its manufacturing. There are four main types of carpet: Jute, Carpet, Jute & Synthetic Rugs. The fibers from these four types vary in quality. Some fibers are coarse while some fibers are soft. Each of the four main categories has its own advantages.

Buy Mosque Carpet In Different Colors, Designs, And Sizes

When shopping for mosque carpets, you have to know what will work best with your existing carpet as well as other flooring features and accessories. You should also consider other elements such as color and design when choosing the best Mosque carpet. Take into consideration factors such as size, design, and construction. Once you have considered all of these elements, then you will be able to shop intelligently for the carpet that will work best for you.

Jute Carpet is the oldest carpet discovered so far. It has a unique and good characteristic when compared to other kinds of carpets available today. It is also resistant to ultraviolet light, which is why it is often used for flooring purposes. Jute carpets can be easily maintained by shampooing and vacuuming.

Jute is used for floors as well as wall-to-wall carpeting. Its quality is quite strong, which makes it suitable for heavy traffic areas. Jute can be dyed in various colors, which makes it more appealing. Jute carpets require little or no maintenance at all. Its beautiful texture attracts many people.

Persian Carpet Is The Best For Mosque Carpet

Persian carpets are also known to be the best mosque carpets in Dubai. They are known to have fine wool with the right coloring. The main characteristic of this carpet is that it comes with natural dyes and it is durable. Its natural dyes come in different colors and it can be used on different walls of mosques. In addition, this type of carpet is also resistant to moisture, temperature, stains, fungi, mildew, and ultraviolet light.

Carpet made from Jute is a very versatile type of carpet. It is ideal for staircases, hallways, and outside porches. Jute is also good for outdoor use because it resists fading with time. Mosque Carpet made from Jute is lightweight and durable. It is best suited for those where there is heavy traffic and spills occur.

Carpet of Synthetic rugs is known to be very comfortable to walk on and feels warm on bare feet. This type of carpet is hypoallergenic, flame retardant, and has very little loss of fibers when it is washed. Synthetic carpets are made from rayon that is similar to human hair. These carpets are not that easy to maintain. They can easily get dirty with dirt, dust, and mildew.


Carpet shops offer different types of carpets made of various materials including jute, silk, and olefin. Jute is popular because of its durability and it is used widely in UAE. Apart from that, the mosque carpets supplier in Dubai also has carpet samples of various textures and colors. This will help you to select the one that goes well with the interiors of mosques. It is also advisable to buy the carpet from reputed carpet shops as the quality of the carpet is often enhanced by buying from such shops.