How To Choose The Best Fabric For Sofa Upholstery

sofa upholstery

The ideal fabric for sofa upholstery would be comfort fabric. Comfort fabrics are highly breathable, durable, and stand up to the test of heavy traffic in high-traffic areas like the living room. Spills can easily wipe up with a normal bleach solution or water. The fabric is easy to care for, and most cleaners are safe on leather. The soft and velvety texture of the fabric molds the body of the sofa. Sofa-ups can be easily maintained by wiping spills with a paper towel or dry cloth.

Synthetic fabric sofas are available in a variety of colors and patterns, some of which are very appealing. The synthetics are resistant to stain, mildew, fading, and shrinkage. The tight-woven fabric upholstery services in Dubai fabric of the synthetics is easy to maintain and is popular in many homes because of its low maintenance. The synthetics do not have the elasticity of the natural fiber sofas, but they are more durable and resist wrinkling.

The tight weave of synthetics allows the sofa-ups to get dirty faster because the fibers are tightly woven and the fabric has a little stretch. Synthetic sofa upholstery fabric is more expensive than natural fabric, but it is more durable and lasts longer. It can also withstand stains and is less likely to wrinkle than natural fiber sofas.

Factors For Choosing Right Fabric For Upholstery:

Choose Color Of Fabric:

Choosing a pattern should be done carefully because the pattern should complement the colors in the home’s interior decor. A common mistake is to match the upholstery fabric to the sofa or couch color. Not only does this look out of place, but it can also be difficult for some people to keep the entire living room furniture in its place. Another problem is that synthetic material can absorb a lot of stains. Therefore, a sofa with a brightly colored pattern should only be placed in areas of the home where it will not be accidentally stained.


A leather sofa has the added advantage that it is often more durable than its upholstered counterpart. Because of the higher cost of leather. Most people believe that they cannot afford a leather sofa at a low or inexpensive price point. However, leather sofas offer great style and elegance at the high end of the price range. The leather upholstery also has an elegant sheen that makes it ideal for use in rooms where high sheen is desired such as the dining room or parlor. For a touch of class in the living room, a black leather sofa can sometimes be a better choice because of its unusual color. In fact, in some cases, it may be the only option available.


One area where leather upholstery scores over its cheaper counterparts are the durability area. Leather is much harder than fabric and so a thicker and more durable piece is usually needed to last longer. For this reason, you may want to consider a leather sofa during the off-season. Which is typically from early spring through late summer. This will ensure you get good value for your money without having to invest too much money into your new sofa.


Leather upholstery requires very little maintenance to keep looking its best. If it gets spill, just use a damp cloth to clean it up.  Simply remove the item from the sofas and immediately place it in a large sink full of water and clean the spill up. The leather itself is relatively easy to maintain and will last you much longer than most fabric-covered sofas.


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