How To Uplift Your Bae’s Mood In A Long-distance Relationship

Long distance relationship

Don’t you crave for all the times when you were with your sweetheart in the same town? All those random dates, parties and trips suddenly become so significant to you, right? Well, now that the circumstances have turned the tables and you are far away from your favorite person, you miss each and everything that you two used to together. I know how helpless the situation makes you feel. It hits you harder when your bae is upset over anything or someone screws their mood in the office, and you are not here to hold them, right? Long distance really sucks then.

However, there are a few things that you can do to make them feel your presence with them especially when they are low. Puzzled? Well, you can send cake through online cake delivery in Gurgaon or at their doorstep or you can switch over a skype call to talk to them face to face. These small yet significant gestures can make them feel so close to you even without putting much effort. Want to know more? Jump into the article and broaden your knowledge in this area as well. 

  • Send them cute videos:

Well, there is nothing more helpless than seeing your sweetheart troubled and you cannot do anything about it because of the obvious long distance issues. However, doing absolutely nothing about it would not help. Send them cute videos of you that will bring an instant smile on their faces. It could be a small video message for them or any joke you can record to crack them up. This is a very simple yet very powerful technique to uplift your bae’s mood. 

  • Virtual hug:

Well, you should be really thankful to the technology that has helped a lot in mitigating the distance between you and your sweetheart. Obviously you cannot touch or hug your bae but a virtual hug always helps. Hug your sweetheart virtually over a video call. It might sound silly to you but it will help your bae to feel much better. 

  • A sweet treat:

You are really lucky if your sweetheart has a big sweet-tooth and cannot resist the desserts. How does this make you lucky? Well, you would not have to brainstorm yourself every time your sweetheart gets upset. Just get online cake delivery at their doorstep and make them all jolly and happy once again. Since your darling is a bug time dessert lover, you must be well aware of their favorite cake flavors or the desserts that he or she drools over. 

  • Movie marathon:

Well, all those movie dates were special, right? I mean, going on a movie with your favorite person is a therapy in itself. When your bae is low, find out the best movie that could uplift their mood. Watch it together over a video call or you can discuss the movie once it’s over. I know these things don’t lessen the distance practically but they surely make them feel your presence around them effectively.

  • A video full of memories:

Now that your favorite person is low and you just cannot help but try in uplifting their mood at any cost, here is this one thing that might actually help you in achieving it. Make a collaborated video of you and your sweetheart of the times when you were together. Capture all the emotional, sweet or happy moments with your sweetheart and a few minute long video will boost their mood in no flat time. 

  • A virtual date:

Going on a date in a long distance relationship becomes a dream for all the couples, right? You so badly want to take them out for a lunch or dinner or to your favorite park or lake side, but all you can do is sit at your homes separately. Well, not anymore! Again, it’s time to be thankful for technology. Arrange for a candle light dinner at your home. Ask your bae to decorate their room with candles and rose petals and order the same food as them. Stay connected on the video call while having dinner and enjoy the chit chat session. For sometime, you will forget about the distance and everything. Order cake online for the desserts and make it a complete dinner date with your bae.

So, cheer up your sweetheart even from the long-distance and enhance the bond you two share with each other.