How to Use Powder Puff and Set Liquid Foundation Using Makeup Puff?

Every makeupholic women go through minor challenges which are somehow common like; unsettled liquid foundation, how to make it stable, the cakey and whitish look on the face which often occur due to wrong use of makeup puff, and dim look due to lack of knowledge, how to apply the cotton / compact makeup puff, agree ladies?

Makeup puff, though a minor tool, yet can do big wonders depending on right and wrong use. After reading this blog, you’ll learn how to set liquid foundation using a powder puff, you’ll learn the right way to use makeup puff, and you’ll also learn how compact or cotton powder can make your face look fresh, glowy, and awesome.

So, spare a few minutes in reading this blog, after all, it’s a matter of enhancing your beauty. Let’s get started;

How to Set Liquid Foundation Using Powder Puff?

When it comes to putting effort into applying flawless makeup, then it becomes a must to keep it stable for a long time. The right use of loose powder by using powder puff does a great job of blurring pores and setting a foundation in place.

Here is the best trick how can you settle liquid or regular foundation using a powder puff. You’ll need the following things;

  • Liquid foundation
  • Makeup puff
  • Damp Beauty blender
  • Loose powder
  • Large powder brush (not necessary)


  • First, you’ll apply your required base makeup using a beauty sponge. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes to get it dry before moving on to other steps. This gap will protect your makeup from getting cakey
  • Now, sprinkle some loose setting powder on powder puff, fold the puff in half, then gently apply the powder onto your face. By doing this, you won’t need to apply excess powder to your face
  • After this, lightly pat, press, or roll the makeup puff against your skin to let the makeup set completely


Ø  Still f you discover inordinate powder all over, at that point clear it away delicately with a major size powder brush

To Use Makeup Puff

In the reign of a new era; there’s a tool for every single makeup application, there’s a brush for every of your powder knees. The soft powder makeup puff is that handy, and most useful tool that is best to use for applying loose powder

We see this small, round size puff with every compact loose powder box, the fluffy and soft puff is so easy to apply. Just spare a minute, and go through the precise guide of using soft-touch puff mentioned below;

Push it over the skin, it’ll make your makeup last longer. We often see many girls have a craze of adding a good amount of powder so that their makeup can last better, but the reason it has become more trade is it works well. Some people even like to push the founder under their eyes while doing their eye makeup. Thus, if they’ve any fall down, so it’s there to protect it or vice versa

You can hold it while doing makeup, and you’re sure won’t get the fall down anyway, in this regard, makeup puffs are best to use for artists especially when they apply makeup onto someone’s face. You don’t want your hand to be in the way often makes off; it’ll wear this while they apply makeup which they’ve got

The makeup puff also helps to collect powder on its way.

Another Best Way To Use Makeup Puff?

Now every grownup and even adult woman seems rushing to branded makeup puff suppliers, and cosmetic markets for the lure of makeup. But it’s all in vain until and unless they don’t know how to foundation, and even a makeup blender.

Even makeup puff needs a skilled hand to apply foundation or contour on your skin. Following are the few steps to use makeup puff.

Steps to use Makeup Puff for Applying Loose Powder

  • Wet a powder puff by taking a small amount of powder, then tap off any of the excess
  • Take few drops of liquid foundation on your hand backside, dip the rounded end of your puff into the makeup, and start applying it to your face. Press the puff gently into the skin
  • Don’t rub or drag the puff around your skin. Rather, tenderly spot or smudge the zone until the point when your establishment is mixed.
  • Utilize the same touching procedure while applying concealer underneath your eyes and cream become flushed to your cheeks. You can likewise utilize your wipe for mixing shaping items and highlighter.
  • Keep pressing the puff over the skin until you’ve set your whole face
  • Range a perfect powder brush over the skin to expel any abundance powder and after that, you’re altogether done!

How Else a Makeup Puff Can Be Used for other Applications?

The best feature of makeup puff is, it can be useful for many different makeup applications, such as;

Impeccable Contour – To get the best shape look, use cosmetics puff. It equitably disseminates form all through the face and gives more control.

Utilize a Dry Makeup Puff for Full Foundation Coverage – If you need to give a total establishment inclusion all over, at that point utilize dry cosmetics puff

Types & Uses of Cotton Powder Makeup Puff is a loose powder

Following are some common types that one can easily discover from leading makeup puff manufacturer, and supplier

Some common types are;

Cotton Powder Puff

The cotton powder puffs are delicate as they are made with natural cotton strands. Also, these are very modest and effectively accessible in the market as well.


  • Less time consuming, and quickly covers large areas of skin
  • Features powder pad which also performs application very well
  • This makeup puff is made with cotton fibers, the best option for users with sensitive skin.

Compact Powder Puff

The compact powders often come with a secret weapon we call a makeup puff. It is circular and blends the application well.

Best Use of Compact Powder

  • Pressed powders
  • Loose powders


  • Increase the longevity of makeup
  • Give more control over application
  • Provide even coverage
  • These makeup puffs provide a greater mattified finish