How to Wash Your Face with a Beard

Many bearded people like you and me do not know how to wash their face properly. Are you one of them? Remember that every man wears this unique type of beard. Although there is no best beard care technique, beard washing includes brushing, exfoliating, moisturizing and skin care products. Using which you can keep your face clean with your beard. Let’s not know how to wash your face with a beard.

How to Wash Your Face With a Beard?

There are two steps to washing your face for every bearded man.

  • Leave the beard with the beard and wash the skin below.
  • Wash the skin above the beard.

Washing the skin on the top of the beard is a daily task for everyone. Before you start the day, wash your face to cleanse yourself. You may be using a cleanser or soap to clean your skin. Apply it on your skin and rub thoroughly in a circular motion. The product would work better,we suggest you use a few drops of hot water.

After massaging for a few minutes, rinse with warm water. Then wipe your face with a soft towel. If you want to keep your beard away from the touch of water, you can wipe off the soap foam with a towel instead of washing it with water. You can wash your face twice a day. Once before getting ready for work, the other is before going to sleep.

Wash the Skin Below the Beard Line With the Beard

Did you know that washing every day can cause your beard to break and lose moisture? How many times a day you need to wash your beard depends on the characteristics of your skin and beard. If you have oily skin and thick beard, you need to wash two to three times a week.

If you have a long beard, you can wash it once a week (number is not fixed)

You need to find out how many times you need to wash your beard to look healthy and beautiful. You can shampoo your hair while washing your beard and wash it off after a few minutes. Make sure the shampoo reaches everywhere and washes your under skin.

After washing the beard, it should be wiped with a towel and dried. Otherwise itching and discomfort may occur.


Brushing regularly helps to keep your beard clean and grow properly. Brushing helps to keep your beard hair in a specific shape, free from tangles and away from stuck dust particles.

This enables you to remove excess oil and dead skin from the beard. So you need to brush your hair every day. The beard becomes stronger if you clean it before washing.


Exfoliating helps to dry skin and rejuvenate a new layer of healthy skin. Regular Exfoliating is needed for a healthy beard. Although not every day because too often Exfoliating can damage your skin.

For exfoliating, run your fingers over the beard and scrub well. No sharp tools should be used for exfoliating. Any sharp object can damage the skin.


Keeping skin moisturized and hydrated is very good for skin and beard. We recommend that you use a moisturizer after each wash. Dust and dirt on your skin without using any moisturizer can damage the skin which is responsible for your dilapidated appearance. You need a dab of moisturizer and apply it to your exposed toes.

Applying and massaging a few drops of oil after drying your beard can keep the moisturizer locked in the beard and keep the hair from breaking.

Skin Care Products

In addition to facewash, you can also use soap depending on your skin type. However, if you want to keep your skin free from damage, do not use any hard soap. Apply beard shampoo, beard conditioner to wash your beard.

Final Thought

We all know that a properly arranged beard is the best ornament of a man. It makes you kind of different from others. It gives you specialty when you discover your own style. It boosts your confidence.

So put an end to all your stress and worries, take care of the beard with effort and time