Increase your quality of life with the renovation of old buildings or house remodeling

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What is an old building renovation or house remodeling?

Would you like to renovate an old building or remodel your house? Very good. Then this article is the right place for you. But before we deal in more detail with the renovation, remodeling of house or old buildings, the term or definition must first be clarified. The renovation of old buildings is basically all renovations that are carried out in houses. A house is not built from scratch, but simply adapted to the existing structures. Sometimes a renovation is an expensive proposition and need careful steps to renovate as wedding during COVID-19. On the other hand, it can increase the quality of life enormously. If the windows are leaky, the tiles are not optimal or the heating system does not work, then a renovation is an option.

What does an old building renovation cost?

As mentioned earlier, renovating an old building is not exactly a cheap undertaking. Costs between 800 and 1,200 euros per m2 can arise here. The larger the apartment, the more expensive such a renovation is logically. However, you should first consult an appraiser who will take a closer look at the property. In the case of older buildings, it is often worthwhile to demolish it completely or to build a new one in general. According to specialists and experts, work should be carried out for in-house work that is not in the middle of the construction process.

Renovating old buildings can, however, be worthwhile through subsidies. For example, the Austrian restructuring offensive is currently a very attractive way of saving money. Up to 30% of the acquisition costs for windows, exterior walls, roofs and doors are provided here. The maximum here is $6,000.

What do you have to consider when renovating an old building?

Many buildings were only superficially renovated, for example with a flow heater for warm water or the sealing of windows. The result was high costs. First of all, there must be an analysis of what needs to be rehabilitated. First and foremost, one should take care of the roof, followed by the windows and a new heating system. Drying the wall and removing mold is also recommended. Houses that are 50 years or older usually have energetic deficiencies. It is best to seek out an energy advisor in your area. They will advise you and give you tips and tricks for renovating old buildings.

Lower costs: useful tips for renovating the bathroom

On average, Austrians renovate their bathroom at least once in a lifetime. Helpful tips for bathroom renovation come in handy. We will show you what is important when you want to renovate your old bathroom and what costs you have to reckon with.

Before you remodel the bathroom

The bathroom to renovate is extremely expensive and, with the most elaborate rooms for renovation. But above all do you want to have your bathroom renovated inexpensively? A full-service provider can be a cost-effective solution here. This takes over the complete planning for you, so that not only valuable time, but above all money is saved. However, beware of what are known as bargains when it comes to complete renovations. These lure with particularly favorable, market atypical prices, which often affects the quality. In terms of prices, you should include demolition work on the existing building, possibly disposal of building wreckage, take into account renewals of the pipelines. When disposing of construction rubble, 30-50 heavy-duty rubble bags come together. Other high costs are also incurred when plastering, filling or siliconizing the bathroom.

Renovating an old bathroom – what do I have to consider?

If you want to completely renovate your old bathroom, the old pipes definitely have to be replaced. Here, copper and plastic pipes recommended. Before the renovation, you must not forget to cover the furniture and floors in adjoining rooms well, as well as the bathroom floor. A recyclable protective fleece is suitable for this, for example. If you are not the owner of the house in which the bathroom is to be renovated, it is also advisable to obtain a building permit! Because if, for example, you want to remove your bathtub and install a shower cubicle instead, this can lead to problems with their homeowner. Therefore, present the conversion plans to him in advance! Last but not least, you should also inform your neighbors about the noise pollution before the upcoming bathroom renovation.

Renovating the bathroom without tiles

Tiles are a classic in the bathroom, even after renovation. But particularly modern concepts now also allow a bathroom without tiles! The use of natural stone is playing an increasingly important role in bathroom renovation. This can be laid in the shower cubicle, for example, and pre-treatment ensures that no moisture can penetrate the masonry. Another alternative to tiles is glass. This can be used for the shower walls, for example. This is particularly large and comes without any joints out. It is also easy to install, so with a little skill it can be installed even for a shower without tiles.

What does a bathroom renovation cost?

As a rule, the more equipment, the higher the costs! For a small bathroom that is above all simple and functional, you can get by with costs under $10,000. When renovating the small bathroom, however, you should make sure that the tiles used do not wear out too quickly and that you save in the wrong place! If you want your bathroom but after the bathroom renovation as a spa bath with heated floors shine, steam shower or special lamps, even a cost $25000-35000 can come towards you. There are no upper limits, so tiles made of granite or marble increase the cost of bathroom renovation considerably and turn your bathroom into a real luxury bathroom. Costs of 50,000 euros for a complete renovation in the luxury version are not uncommon.