5 Leather Jackets Every Woman Should Own

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets and outfits are not restricted to men only. Most people consider it very MANLY if women don leather jackets, which is in my opinion completely absurd. No clothing is restricted to any gender, be it a leather jacket or a simple skirt. Anybody can don them fashionably and be the star of the party. Gone are the days when blues were for boys and pinks were for girls. Today almost anyone can carry any color and still slay people with their looks.

A wardrobe is incomplete without any leather jacket. It is one important piece of clothing that is found in every cupboard. From the timeless moto jackets to crazy shearling styles. Today’s stylish women can wear anything and be the diva that they have always wished to be. No matter what your style is or what your budget is, there is always something in store for you. If we ignore all the other jackets, suede leather jackets women are one of the most worn items these days. These are stylish, chic, and always in a fashion. This is why brands like the Real Leather Garments are providing an extensive range of products in their category. 

Following are a few of the many leather jacket designs that most brands have today.

Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket is a timeless piece of clothing that you can wear with almost anything. Be it some leather pants, or casual sleepwear, gym wear, or even formal wear, a black leather jacket goes with everything. The black leather jacket is the perfect fit and gives the final touch to every outfit. No matter what you are wearing, whether it’s a blazer or a bomber jacket, they are perfect to wear for every season. 

In the cold wintery season, you can wear these jackets over your hoodie or a jumper. In case the weather is a little warmer, girls have an option to add a Rockstar look over a floral dress and be in the right attire for a casual date with their partner. 

Motorbike Jacket

When it comes to styling a jacket, there are endless opportunities. However, when we talk about biker jackets, we automatically think about guys wearing them. We do not visualize girls in them because something about them is so manly? Well, this is where we go wrong, those days are gone when only boys used to ride bikes. Today girls can do almost anything and everything. 

Biker jackets are a classic piece of jacket that is often cropped or oversized and give off a vintage look as well. If you wish to add a grunge look to your outfit, we would recommend you pair this jacket with a simple white T-shirt and unleash your hidden Rockstar by wearing chunky boots and checkered pants. A black motorbike jacket is one classic option however there are many other color options as well that you can wear.

Faux Leather Jacket

If you are looking to up the game of your casual outfit, there is nothing better than donning a faux leather jacket. It puts together the casual outfit and makes you prepared for any kind of casual yet formal event you wish to attend. Faux leather jackets just add a fresh pin to your most favorite outlook. There are many ways of having guilt-free jackets and they come in many different styles and shapes.

Today now that we have a plethora of options to choose from, jacket shopping can get a little tricky. As you may not know how to get the best jacket pair for your party right? It’s time you browse through the Real Leather Garment collection and choose the one that goes with your party the best. 

Browns and Blacks

Browns and blacks are the most common types of jackets that women and men wear today. These are staples for all kinds of wardrobes; they would create a statement look without deviating you from the conventional and traditional outerwear. Tired of your regular wear and want to up your overall look? Get some brown and black jackets for your wardrobe and you will be all set to rock the party you are planning to go to.

When we talk about browns, the best thing is you can always find them in different shapes, designs, and cuts and style them in any way you want. Further pair your jackets with contrasting colors including greys, blues, and greens it would make your outfit look different and unique for all the right reasons.

The best way to stand out in the market is to combine the camel colors and neutral tones with the blacks and browns which will create a monochromatic and streamlined outfit and that are perfect for the office going and night out. 

Red Leather jacket

You do not really need to wear traditional and timeless jackets only to rock the event, a red leather jacket would be perfect for any kind of occasion. It’s time you channel your hidden thriller with the oversized red jacket and you would look like you have bagged the biggest prize on the game night.