Love DIYing? Try these for your wedding saga

Indian Wedding Consultant

Couples want to have a wedding ceremony that speaks volumes about themselves and is personal and matches with the value and styles. What if you have a wedding that is to be done in the Indian style but also in the Christian style? You would surely want to mix the traditions up in a cocktail. Doing the same, in the process, you might even hire an Indian wedding consultant but what if you still end up missing out of something? This is where the blog will come to your rescue. So, let begin to explore.
Please note that these are just end time resorts, if you have forgotten to arrange somethings otherwise it is best to get your Indian wedding items arranged through an Indian wedding consultant.

Bridesmaid Gift

The “ask gift” is what we are talking about here. You can give them a resulable tote. Some earrings with a nice message that is handwritten. This will be perfect for your wedding party. Glittery Soles
Take the hint fom Once Over Lightly and offer the shoes the sparkle they deserve to make it a memorable day of your life. The tiny details captured in camera will give you fun photos to look at for life.

Wedding Invites

Ideally you should leave it on Indian wedding consultant, so to leave a hint of yourselves, you can try to share how you want it to be with some samples. You can get a combination of metal, mud or anything that you like done. Share the samples or visualise your idea, tell it to the indian wedding consultant and leave the rest to them.

Candlestick Centerpieces

The centerpieces are something that can be done in multiple ways. You can envision tall flowers. You can pass them through the table legs as candlesticks. Use a gold sprak paint and there you will have your perfect setup for the wedding day!

Wedding Guest Book

The wedding guestbook is a well wishes book that you can DIY and keep at th entrance or exit. This would help everyone pour their hearts out for you and also keep you happy when you read them. This will be a record of who you celebrate the fortunate day with.

“Lighted” Hearts Picture Prop

You might not have a plan to make a photo booth but would it not be a great idea to use photo props in a smart way. This will lighten up the reception area as well or wherever you will keep it. It is simple to make, and easy to give to every guest to pose with it.

Wedding card box

It is not mandatory to match everything with the theme of the wedding. So, don;t think much and create that  wedding card box.

These were some of the ideas that you can do by yourself or brainstorm with Indian wedding consultant. These are great to make your wedding even more memorable than we are sure it already would be.