The best type of mojaris that you must have for your traditional look

Mojari Shoes

Buy Mojari shoes online to complete your traditional look as the options available are many. Mojari shoes are shoes made with traditional craftsmanship. The material used may be jute, cotton, and leather. The front top part of the shoe is highly ensembled with an intricate design of flower motifs rich in embroidery adorned with pearl and zari work.

The zari may be in gold or silver and mirror work. Mojari is primarily made in Rajasthan and it has a colorful feel in it. Embroidery threads are in pink, green, orange, and other vibrant colors.

Mojari shoes are the best when worn with a traditional look due to their rich embroidery vibrant texture because of the mirror, gold, and silver zari work. They are best worn on a lehenga, saree, or a Kurti. The sole is made for durability and temperature resistance. Soles made of crepe rubber sheet, polyvinyl chloride sheet, wood sheet, and even leather give impenetrable resilience for long-lasting usage and strength to the sole.

Mojari shoes need care and upkeep to be worn for longer shelf life. Though these shoes can be used in all weather conditions, gently cleaning them off all the dirt. The grime after every use goes a long way in its maintenance. Store the shoes in a muslin cloth drawstring shoe bag.

Always keep leather items in the open air to dry them out and avoid the leather from retaining moisture and getting moist or accumulating a white fungus on it. It is important to remove any moisture or sweat from the Mojari as soon as possible with a tissue towel; however, avoid direct sun or high heat and keep away from radiating sources.

Buy Mojari Shoes Online Near Me

Buy Mojari shoes online for your traditional outfit due to the wide range of brands, colors, and designs. Moreover, you will get it in protective packaging, which can be used to store the Mojari for later use. With social distancing crucial at this point and the cost of petrol and Diesel skyrocketing. Shopping online in the comfort of your home is the best option today. Besides, the physical shops may have only a selective variety in their stores due to pandemic restrictions.

Depending on the types of Mojari design, you could choose from a pearl Mojari, Mojari that is made with woven and strings on it. There are also Rajasthani print, batik print, floral print, embroidered Mojari which you can wear for regular use.

If you’re looking to wear something on your traditional outfit or any occasion such as a wedding or any ceremony, then bridal Mojari, gold embellished Mojari, and such shining mojari are perfect to complete your look. No matter the case, you can select any mojari to pair up with your traditional look. And also, shopping for your Mojari online not only saves your money and your traveling time but also allows you a wide variety of choices to select from. So hey! Pick up your phone and