Three important considerations while choosing dining tables

dining tables

You can’t do without a dining table, which is the centre of attraction for your dining space. It is a lifelong decision, and you don’t want to pick one in a hurry. Therefore, when you invest in one, you need to consider multiple factors, as you won’t be replacing it anytime soon. Whether you prefer rectangular, square or round dining tables or choose a wooden table over a glass one, every decision must be well thought out.

You can check the three vital factors to get started with your search.

  1. Material

The choice of material is not easy, as you must have the perfect balance of style, care and price. The most popular materials for dining tables are:


If you are looking for a dining table that can stand the test of time, try picking a wooden one. However, solid wood can be expensive, but there are other alternatives like acacia and teak.


Wood veneer can be a great option if you want the wood look without the same price tag. The material is printed, or a thin layer of wood is attached to the ply.


Glass tables have wide varieties like frosted, tinted or clear. These tables can be a good choice if you have a confined space.

While moisture doesn’t damage these tables, they can get easily scratched and chipped. So, if you can prevent them, they can last decades.


Stone tables exude elegance and are extremely sturdy. These are made from quartz composite or marble and are suited for both traditional and contemporary spaces. However, these absorb stains easily and are also prone to cracking and chipping. So, if you are up for regular care and maintenance, you can invest in a stone table.


Metal tables are durable, modern and less expensive than other materials. However, the shiny finish can show fingerprints and is hard to clean.

  1. Shape

Dining tables are mostly oval, round, square or rectangular shaped. The size of the room and practical needs determine what shape of dining table you must choose. Check the following to know how to pick the right shape.


Selections such as round dining tables are perfect for small rooms as they take up less space and offer an adequate surface area for placing food. Round tables can be a safe choice if you have seniors and small children in your home.


A square table can be the best for a square room. If you want to seat more than eight people, pick a square table with an extension to accommodate everyone comfortably.


Rectangular-shaped dining rooms are the most commonly available and are suited for narrow and long spaces. While picking a rectangular table, be mindful of its width to avoid issues fitting the food and entertaining the guests.

  1. Size

Your dining table should not be too small or too large, as it can make the room look off-balance. Sizing also considers the space around the table for people to move.

You can create a makeshift table using bed sheets or books to work out the table size. In addition to length, you need to consider the right height too. Most dining tables have a height of 76 centimetres, and you must pay attention if you have lighting or decor sitting above or on the table.

There could be several other factors apart from those mentioned above that could influence your buying decision. But don’t ever miss out on checking the table’s base, as it can affect how you use it. Also, try stroking the surface or checking for any sign of damage to make sure you get the best deal for your money.