Seven Crucial Tips for Making Your Wedding Guest List

Seven Crucial Tips for Making Your Wedding Guest List

Wedding planning is no easy task. There are seemingly endless things to take care of; each of which requires a lot of thought and thought. From the theme to the decor to the dress to the cake to the restaurant; planning a wedding is no joke, although it can be fun!

One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is deciding on the wedding guest list. If you find dealing with the issues mentioned above a challenge, brace yourself for the worst of all (according to the research I have done online).

The number of guests you decide to share your special day with directly affects everything from the venue to the arrangement to the number. Therefore, eliminating this should be one of your top priorities. Inviting everyone you know, and love is nothing short of a dream and a luxury that very few of us can imagine going deeper into. For others, lists are the way to go.

Choosing favorites for your big day is not something everyone would enjoy unless they are planning a private and intimate wedding. Because there is already a lot going on for you, this is the last thing you need on your plate.

After asking in wedding communities around the world, one of the most popular issues was making your wedding guest list. So here are 7 tips that I put together after some research that will help you organize your wedding guest list. Let us get started.


Make a list of dreams

Everyone has an idea of ​​how many people they want to invite to their wedding. Depending on your desire to have a small, intimate wedding with only close friends and family or a big party with everyone you know, you need to have a number in mind. Prioritize so that you can take the next step, which is budgeting, planning, etc. The trick is to list the names of the people you know need to be at the event. Once that is sorted, move on to the ones that are not that close to you and so on. Keep it simple for everyone.


Set a realistic maximum number

This number is important because when selecting a place, you should always take note of its maximum accommodation capacity. Besides space, the catering is the other place to be careful because if there are additional guests, you must make sure that there is enough food for everyone.

Make sure the number of guests you finalize on does not exceed the maximum capacity of your room. It is best to keep the room within your budget. With all the factors in mind, know how you want to greet your guests. Try not to book for the maximum number. In fact, if you have the budget, try to find a venue that is slightly larger and can accommodate more guests, so that you have the luxury of inviting additional guests.


Knowing how to divide the list

Since both parties are involved, you will need to decide how to divide the guest list i.e., the number of guests on the bride and groom’s side. The best way to decide is to bring the family together and decide collectively so that there is no confusion or mess. The best bet is to play it safe and evenly split between the guests with half from the bride’s side and a half from the groom’s side. Parents normally get a quarter of the share so they can invite whoever they want. Although this is extremely subjective and will change drastically from couple to couple.


Make a list of priorities

By this, we mean that you just must choose your favorites. Make 2 lists: a list A and a list B. List A will contain the names of those who are closest to you, those whose presence is crucial for your big parties like the members of the family and close friends. The first set of invitations is sent to them at least two months in advance.

List B contains the names of those you love and would like to be present at your celebration, but then again, their presence is not crucial, such as coworkers, distant family, etc. Send them your invitations after you start receiving RSVPs. of your A-list guests. That way, you will not go over your maximum number or budget.


Make the rules

Define criteria for being on the list; It is that simple. It sounds cruel, but it is. For example, if you do not want kids at the party or if you have never met or spoken before or if you haven’t spoken to the person for a long time or just because they are lost because you feel bad about leaving her outside; cut them all. Hard, yes, but it is effective. It can be extreme, but again, it is subjective and hopefully, it might give you a feel for some of your own strict rules!


Set limits

You do not have to be generous with invitations if you cannot afford them. It means learning to say no to friends and family rather than pluses and extra guests. It’s your wedding and you decide who is important and who doesn’t set your limits.


Get organized

The key to not losing it completely in this process is to stay focused and keep track of everything. A lot of couples have really found it helpful to have a wedding planner services provider with spreadsheets so you can jot down pointers and check off things as you go. Also, try to keep track of RSVPs so you know who to consider next on the list if canceled.

This long and tedious journey goes through its ups and downs, but what often happens to almost everyone is how, despite checking things off your list, more and more things keep happening. ‘Add and the next thing you know, you’ve got twenty other things to take care of. It is difficult, to say the least. To make sure you do not lose it before the big day, follow these crucial tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.